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Tips from a Health Coach

Think of this as an open journal where I share my learnings, mindset and favorite things to feel my best.

This is meant to be a humble and safe place to inspire you and give you some tangible, easy-to-implement lifestyle hacks to elevate your life and wellbeing.
There is no method to my madness here. I use this blog to drop some nuggets of information that worked for me and my family.

How I Eat During a Liver Detox

Jun 15, 2022

As you may know, I have committed this year to completing a liver detoxification every season. 

This allows me to reduce my toxic load and prevent the build-up of symptoms which can then lead to dis-ease of the body.


What is a liver...

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Our 1-month RV Adventure Across Canada

Jun 06, 2022


Some thought we were absolutely crazy when we said we wanted to drive across Canada in a RV for a month.

It could have indeed been the worst idea ever...but it's something I'd always wanted to do.

We wanted to go back to Vancouver for work...

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How to Build a Healthy + Balanced Salad for Lunch

Apr 26, 2022


I eat a salad pretty much everyday for lunch. And when I say a salad, I mean a big colorful one!

So you'll guess than I'm excited to share my best-kept secrets on salad creation!

Making a salad appears simple enough but do you really know...

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My Healing Soup Recipe

Apr 01, 2022

Whether you're feeling under the weather, doing a detox, easing back into food after fasting or just wanting to nourish your body, this soup will do it.

I like to spicy and healing feel of the Turmeric in the chicken bone broth.



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Why I Decided to Do a Detox (and is it worth it?)

Apr 01, 2022

Hi friend,

If you're here, I'm going to assume it's because you are curious about the concept of detoxification and wondering if it's right for you?

Maybe you want to know if it could help you with some of your symptoms?

Here's an invitation to...

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We crossed Canada with our Tesla - this is what happened.

Mar 01, 2022

We crossed Canada with our Tesla and this is what happened.


When we left BC in November 2021, we put one car on the train and my husband decided to cross the country with our Tesla. Not to save cost but for the thrill of it (but eh, the...

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Why Sinus Rinse should be your best friend right now

Dec 16, 2021

Stay safe during the Holidays with this 1 tip.


Disclaimer: This article does not replace medical advice. I’m sharing what works for my family, please verify for yours before performing...

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Nebulizer to the Rescue

Nov 01, 2021
Disclaimer: This article does not replace medical advice. I’m sharing what works for my family and what I've learned from my own research and experiences. Please verify with your physician before performing any of the below. 



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What Are Natural Wines and Why You Must Try Them

Sep 04, 2021

My husband and I have been drinking mostly organic wines for a couple years now.

When moving to the Okanagan region of BC we suddenly became surrounded by wineries and learned more about the winemaking process. At the same time, we became more...

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3 Hacks for Hair Restoration (including PRP)

Jul 30, 2021

I've never met someone who doesn't want lush and shinny hair, man or woman.


Over the past couple years, I've noticed that my hair was thinning, especially around my hair line. I was curious to dig deeper into what might be causing this.


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