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Tips from a Health Coach

Think of this as an open journal where I share my learnings, mindset and favorite things to feel my best.

This is meant to be a humble and safe place to inspire you and give you some tangible, easy-to-implement lifestyle hacks to elevate your life and wellbeing.
There is no method to my madness here. I use this blog to drop some nuggets of information that worked for me and my family.

How I give my coffee grinds a second life (for my skin)

Apr 12, 2021

What do you do with your coffee grinds? Throw them in the garbage (compost please?).

If so, here's a secret I do at least once a week for my SKIN...and it involves coffee grinds!

I save fresh ones and put it on my skin. Yep, you read that...

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The 1 Skincare Product I've Been Using for 10 Years! 🌟

Jan 11, 2021

Yep, you read that right. 10 years! That's commitment, isn't it?

I'm committed to this 1 skincare product because it works! Now let's back up a bit, shall we?

I entered the skincare space back in 2010 when I joined L'Oréal with the mission...

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