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The Energy Upgrade Podcast

The Energy Upgrade Podcast

Hosted by: Vanessa Grutman, IHP

The Energy Upgrade is your destination for quick tips to help you reclaim your energy and re-align with the highest version of yourself.

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020 - The Power of Mindset & Gratitude on Your Health Journey, with Karine Ruel

Deciding to start on your health journey takes courage and dedication. It's not an easy road and often requires you to explore the least traveled path.  As high-achieving women we often expect results right away. We...
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019 - I tried the Medical Medium cleanse and this is what happened

I have been intrigued lately by the work of Anthony Williams, also known as the Medical Medium. He has a popular cleanse called the Original 3:6:9. I'm a student for life, always researching and finding the best...
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018 - 3 unsuspected ways to improve your sleep

SHOW NOTES Sleep is critical to your health. I know it, you know it, we all know it. But what if, despite all your best efforts, the quality of your sleep just isn't there?  Sometimes, we do everything to improve our...
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017 - Could Your Breathing Be the Culprit?

SHOW NOTES When is the last time you took a conscious deep breath? Breathing is a critical function of our health and yet, most of us don't do it well. In this episode, I discuss the importance of going back to basics...
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016 - How Your Limiting Beliefs Might Be Getting in the Way of Your Healing with Danita Harty

SHOW NOTES When trying to heal ourselves, one often overlooked piece is our thoughts. What is our narrative, the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from honouring our true nature? If you've been feeling stuck...
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015 - Why I'm Pausing Alcohol

SHOW NOTES Weather is getting warmer, patio season is slowly opening and with that comes the topic of alcohol...a glass of rosé anyone? Today I'm sharing more on my relationship with alcohol and why I personally have...
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014 - How to Anchor Wellness Routines & Rituals for a Successful Life with Sophie Collins

SHOW NOTES Do you struggle with anchoring new wellness routines and rituals? We all do at one point or another! To inspire you to get back on track, I asked my friend Sophie Collins to come and share how she makes her...
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013 - 4 tips to navigate your wellness journey with kids

SHOW NOTES You've decided that you were ready to make some changes to your lifestyle but then you wonder: what do I with the rest of my family? Do I bring them onboard with me? Do I do my own thing? In this episode,...
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012 - What I eat in a day

SHOW NOTES In this episode, I answer the question I get the most often: "what do you eat in a day?". Food is the most powerful tool in my toolbox and I use it with intention every single day. If you've been feeling...
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011 - 5 Mindset shifts in time for Spring

SHOW NOTES With Spring's energy bubbling up, I wanted to offer 5 mindset shifts to adopt in your life right now. 5 things you should take the time to reflect on at this time of year. 5 aspects of your life that you...
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010: Your Masculine Energy Got You This Far - Tapping Into Your Feminine is the Next Secret, with Marc Longwith

SHOW NOTES As I strive to continue becoming the highest version of me, I've lately been reflecting about how I utilize my feminine and masculine energy. The truth is we all hold both and learning when to tap into one...
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SPECIAL EPISODE: Your chance to boost your energy in time for Spring!

SHOW NOTES In this special episode I share my excitement for the upcoming Energy RESET Bootcamp. You can register here: https://www.theenergyupgradecoaching.com/thebootcamp We start March 27, 2023.  I hope to see you...
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