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The Energy Upgrade Podcast

The Energy Upgrade Podcast

Hosted by: Vanessa Grutman, IHP

The Energy Upgrade is your destination for quick tips to help you reclaim your energy and re-align with the highest version of yourself.

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009 - 3 biohacking tools you should know about

SHOW NOTES Today I'm sharing the top 3 biohacking tools that I use every single day and that have been a real game changer in my healing and wellness journey. I'm all about accessing a return on investment of both...
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008 - Signs you may have parasites

SHOW NOTES I'm freshly back from Costa Rica and decided to line this up with my annual parasite cleanse. Parasites are unwanted organisms that live off of us which is why it's important to be aware of them and get rid...
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007 - 3 benefits of having a liquid breakfast (aka a smoothie)

SHOW NOTES In this episode I'm focusing on morning nutrition and the importance of it not only for your digestion but also for your nervous system. Here I'll cover: - Intermittent fasting: is it good? - How morning...
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006 - 4 morning habits to win your day

SHOW NOTES This is your opportunity to assess your morning routine and the habits you decide on doing daily. Are you doing them meaningfully or are they automated? Win your morning to win the day. It's about choosing...
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005 - 5 tips to achieve daily bowel movements

SHOW NOTES Yes, I'm talking about this early on in the season. It is SO critical to healing and having energy. We need to ensure the body's waste is being eliminated daily. This is your lowest hanging fruit. This is...
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004 - 2 reasons you need to do a liver detoxification

SHOW NOTES If you've been wondering if detoxing is for you, what it is exactly and why we need to support our liver, this episode is for you. While our liver is a natural detoxifying organ that works 24/7, the truth...
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001 - How You Got Yourself Here: the Rain Barrel Effect

SHOW NOTES In my very first episode, I couldn't help but start with the one question I get the most: "what’s wrong with me, what am I feeling like this?". The truth is I know you're working hard at doing all the right...
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003 - Can I continue having coffee? 3 tips to do so!

SHOW NOTES In this episode, I answer the famous question: "can I continue having coffee in the morning". If you're a high-achieving woman, you probably love (and depend on) your morning coffee. Here, I'm offering you...
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002 - 8 Signs Your Body Is Begging for Attention

SHOW NOTES In this episode, I go over the 8 signs that our body is trying to get our attention. I explain how our body is always speaking to us. All we have to  do is start listening and stop normalizing symptoms of...
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SHOW NOTES In this trailer, you'll learn more about Vanessa's story and discover what to expect on the weekly episodes of The Energy Upgrade. I'm to help simplify your journey towards reclaiming your energy. You're a...
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