We all have a story.

This is mine.

Hi! I'mVanessa, Master Biohacker & Successful Entrepreneur 


Vanessa is a Certified Health Coach, Integrated Health Practitioner, Kinesiologist and accomplished entrepreneur dedicated to supporting women in reclaiming their energy and reconnecting with their true innate power for infinite abundance.


While always being passionate for health, she spent the last decade building a successful 7-figure business in the skin health industry. She sold and exited this business earlier in 2023 with lots of wisdom that she’s now excited to share.

She walked through her first experience in entrepreneurship deeply rooted in her masculine energy, fueled by wanting to be busy, hitting big goals and crushing her daily to-do list. It definitely worked, until it didn’t.

While building this business, she also birthed 2 babies and found herself completely burnt out from this pace of life that completely disconnected her from her body and essence. 

Rebuilding herself back up required a lot of inner work, shedding of limiting beliefs, detoxification protocols and energy realignment. 

She decided to go back to her passion for health and wellness and got certified as a health coach, primarily with the intention to heal herself.

Through vulnerability and dedication, utilizing the latest and greatest biohacking innovations, she was able to transcend her masculine operating system to finally reconnect with her divine feminine lifeforce energy to level up her magnetism and leadership.

It’s with this energy that she is leading this newest enterprise which has already achieved rapid exponential growth in a short period of time.


She is now coaching high-achieving women who, like her, find themselves trapped in the same pattern of performance and perfectionism.

She has a special ability to meet you where you are, understand what is blocking your success and offering tailored recommendations to help you tap into your multidimensional potential.

Vanessa offers a unique approach that encompasses her decade of experience as a successful entrepreneur and knowledge as a holistic health coach to biohack your life and help you blur the lines of possibilities. Start dreaming big!

Disclaimer! She will rapidly take you to new heights which might involve letting go of some old ways to embrace a whole new way of living.

My approach.

I'm going to guess you're longing for a life full of energy where you can achieve your wildest dream.

That's exactly what I wanted for myself and my family which has lead me to years of trial and error.

It's not until I completed my Integrated Health Practitioner certification that I was able to utilize the best of functional medicine, eastern wisdom and honour Ayurvedic science to finally heal at a deeper level.

To support healing, I embrace the acclaimed Dr. Stephen Cabral's DESTRESS protocol.

I've come to learn that a multi-faceted approach combining both physical and emotional components is necessary.

The DESTRESS protocol covers the following: 

  • Diet Bio-Individualization
  • Exercise Programming
  • Stress & SNS Regulation
  • Toxin Removal
  • Rest & PNS Resetting
  • Emotional Balance
  • Supplement Protocols
  • Success Mindset


The most important thing to remember is that healing is always possible. I can't wait to help you unlock your energy and vitality!


Let's work together!

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WHY I do what I do?

I want to help women like me, heal themselves, tap into their forgotten vitality and realign with their purpose.

Why is that important? Because healthier more rounded people vibrate higher and as a result make better citizens, better parents and care better for themselves, their loved ones, their community and their environment.

Together, we can leave the world in a better shape than we found it.