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Nebulizer to the Rescue

Disclaimer: This article does not replace medical advice. I’m sharing what works for my family and what I've learned from my own research and experiences. Please verify with your physician before performing any of the below. 


As we’re about to enter winter cold months, the prevalence of good ol’ cold goes up.

I want to share a tool I’ve recently added to my arsenal to help me and my family stop any first signs of throat tickle in its track.

Don’t know about you but lately, the last place I want to go to is the hospital. Nah, no thanks.

I’ve been even more interested in learning ways to holistically manage first symptoms of infection at home. It has lead me to so much empowering information; let me share one of them with you.


Introducing the nebulizer.

Maybe you’ve heard about it in the last months? Many doctors have been sharing how they have been using a nebulizer with their patients as soon as C symptoms erupt (highly censored information unfortunately). 

The nebulizer helps to transform medicine into a mist, which then gets delivered more easily to the throat, sinuses, nasal cavities and lungs. When done early enough, it helps to treat any virus before it has time to reach the lungs.

A nebulizer is a cheap and fabulous way to manage the first signs of viral infection at home.

I got this one which comes with a child and adult mask.


What to nebulize?

I’ve been nebulizing mainly 3 things but you can do much more.


  •  Hydrogen Peroxide

Yes you read that well. H202 has been used for ages as a disinfectant, both topically and for . When done as the first sign of infection, this method can kill virus and stop it in its track. Introducing more oxygen (or an oxidant) will help to also clean up old and inefficient cells

Simply put, that what breathing a micro dose of hydrogen peroxide does.


I dilute food-grade hydrogen peroxide (3% or 17%) with saline water (you can make saline at home with sea salt: mix 1 tsb of sea salt in 2 cups of warm purified water).

You want to have a concentration of about 0,1% hydrogen peroxide so often a drop in the 8ml container is all you need. I like this article to help you with your concentrations.

You can pre-mix this with the saline and keep in a mason jar so you have it on-hand when needed.

Grab a seat and breathe it in for 15-30 minutes (I do this while working or reading!).

We do it as soon as someone has a tickle and we normally only need to do it once or twice. It can repeated daily until symptoms subside. 

For kids: I dilute even further, closer to 0,04%.


  •  Colloidal Silver

Silver is a natural anti-viral agent that’s also been used for ages. Quality of the colloidal silver does matters. I like this one.


Put 3 droppers of colloidal silver in the nebulizer container.

Simply nebulize until there’s nothing left (5 minutes).

We do it as soon as someone needs a little immunity boost. We'll do it a few times a week and sometimes alternate with hydrogen peroxide (every other day). 

Kids: I do 2 droppers.


  •  Glutathione

The mther of antioxidants, it has been shown to boost immunity. Glutathione is particularly important for lung health, making it the perfect thing to nebulize if you’re coming down with something that you’re feeling in your chest.


  1. You can get pure glutathione from a compounding pharmacy or your naturopath.
  2. Use 2cc of glutathione and mix with 2cc of saline water (you can make at home - see hydrogen peroxide section).
  3. Nebulize until empty (10-15 minutes).

Same ratio for kids is ok.

For preventative and immunity benefits: you can do 2x/month.


If you feel worried about starting nebulizing on your own, you can find a local naturopath clinic that offers it in the office so you can familiarize yourself with the process.

Here's me at the Longevity Labs in Vancouver, BC.


Although it may feel weird at first, we now enjoy our nebulizing time as me-time! It’s a good time to read a book or just relax. Everyone in the family knows it’s a tool to help us fight cold symptoms and we’ve been very successful with it.

I hope this was helpful. I’ll continue sharing my at-home immunity hacks.

Stay healthy!



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