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Episode 3 of the Home Reno Series is LIVE

Episode #3 of the Home Reno Series is OUT!

In this episode, you will discover:  

  • More on our #nontoxic paint choice and how it goes on @Benjamin Moore Paints 
  • Discover our mushroom forest
  • How I feel humbled by the size of our property and how I want to honor it in our future choices (#permaculture #biodynamic)
  • How we got surprised by a massive thunderstorm
  • Our new morning routine to keep everyone #healthy through the #renovation 
  • The electrician and plumber are making some progress
  • Our contractor is MIA so we're taking on more work and learning as we go
  • Why we picked the area we're in #easterntownship #quebec 
  • We hosted our first family dinner in a full reno zone!

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I am excited to take you with us on this wonderful journey we have been dreaming about for a long time: the renovation and creation of our healing house.  

We followed our CALL TO NATURE by saying YES to this house, this property and this acreage in nature.

As a Health Coach and someone committed to living a low-toxin life, this project needed to be aligned with our values hence why we are renovating by making intentional decisions about non-toxic materials and furniture. We want to ensure that our home will truly become our healing sanctuary and not make us sick (learn more on the Toxic Home Syndrome).  



For as long as I can remember, I've been passionate about health and wellness. Kinesiologist by trade and Certified Integrated Health Practitioner, I'm here to remind you that we all have control over our own health and vitality. 

Through my own healing journey, I've researched and dedicated the last 15 years to bettering my own health and as a result, have acquired an incredible amount of learning and non-traditional wisdom.

I'm excited to share my learnings and apply my knowledge in this house renovation project.


Find me here :


Detox with Me 

Work with Me - Health Coaching 


Music : PixaBay

Editing : Maude Picard 


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