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All you have to do is purchase the 7-day detox protocol and you'll receive my daily guidance for FREE via our private online community.

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Are you being called to reset?

This is your sign.

In The DETOX Community, we will achieve this together:

✨ Amplify health results safely.
✨ Ditch the bloating and brain fog in no time.
✨ Feel committed and supported by others doing it at the same time.
✨ Stay the course with ease and flow.
✨ See your mind and body transform for a deep reset.

Get access to our private Community group where I'll be offering health coaching, daily tips, recipes and tricks to help you stay on track and have a positive experience.

PLUS you'll be able to connect with me directly with any question! 

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Why DETOXING alone when we can do it together?

Join me as we complete a seasonal 7-day Functional Medicine Detox to support liver detoxification.

According to the World Health Organization, our bodies are now exposed to more than 144,000 man-made chemicals. 

Those toxins wreck havoc on our health, wellbeing, vitality and energy.

That's why I'm committed to detoxing every season and supporting my body in eliminating toxins safely for restored rejuvenation and deep healing.

What to expect

Hi friend! If you join our detox group, here’s what you will receive and how the detox will unfold ✨


Benefits of Seasonal Detoxification

Transformation is activated. Be ready.

  • Increased sleep quality (more deep and REM state)
  • Lowered heart rate (sign of less stress on the body)
  • Lowered body temperature at night (meaning more rejuvenation)
  • Brain fog lifted
  • No aches and pains
  • No bloating or digestive issues
  • Lifted mood
  • Energy boost
  • Weight loss
  • Overall heightened body awareness 
  • And more!
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A Unique Detox Program

We're going to be following the Dr. Cabral Functional Medicine Detox.

I'm certified and trained with this protocol and it's the one I complete seasonally (it's the most comprehensive I could find - hence why I'm sticking with it).

You have the option of doing it for 7, 14 or 21 days.

A few weeks before we begin, I'll send you all the details on what you need to order, your grocery shopping list, etc.

Discover our detox protocol

"Vanessa offered the motivation I needed to start a 7-day detox but most importantly, stick with it. It felt so empowering to reflect on what I eat in a day and how it affects my body. It helped me identify the reason behind many symptoms I thought were "normal". We only have one body and we have to take care of it!"


"I'm following Vanessa because I am amazed by her passion for a healthy lifestyle, sharing her knowledge and helping others! She helps me stay focused on my goals."


"I recently did Vanessa's 5-Day Biohacking course and even in such a short time, it literally changed me! I was in a difficult situation at work and I was slowly sinking. With the course, I reconnected with myself! I feel better, less stressed and the days are smoother. Thank you so much Vanessa! Cannot wait for your next course!"


Hey there!

I'm Vanessa and I'll be your guide.

I'm passionate about health and wellness.

Kinesiologist by trade and Certified Integrated Health Practitioner, I've been fascinated by the fact that we all have control over our own health and vitality.

Through my own healing journey, I've researched and dedicated the last 15 years to bettering my own health and as a result, have acquired an incredible amount of learning and non-traditional wisdom.

I'm here to support your transformation and inspire you to take action!


Vanessa xo

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The Professional Support You Need

As a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, I will be sure to guide you so that you can finish your detox week transformed, energized and inspired!

Please note: the link to order the detox on this page is an affiliate link. Purchasing your detox protocol via this link allows me to make a small commission and offer the health coaching and support for free. 

That said, rest assured that I will only share products that I genuinely use and believe in.


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