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Why I needed to leave the City (and I didn't even know it!)


Here's the thing: we traded our city life for a lake life back in September of 2019.

I guess you could say it had been a long time coming.

Our pace of life wasn't sustainable. We were BUSY and just couldn't switch if off. To add to the mix, we were always escaping and chasing the next trip, getaway or adventure. 

We were NEVER home.

When the right opportunity came along, we reflected and realized that we had been escaping our life (our numbing it) at every occasion.

We both loved - and continue to- our jobs so it wasn't that.

I couldn't quite grasp it at the time but deep down I was craving that slower life. That life where you can be present, connect, laugh and just BE.

It wasn't clear to me, back then, that my environment was preventing the shift from happening. I was doing the inner work but the transformation was not fully taking place.

Somehow in the city, I just couldn’t BE - instead I was unconsciously DOING (like non-stop).

The simple thought of slowing down was making me feel guilty and anxious (ask my therapist!). We were always on the move.

What is the constant noise? The concrete?

I’m not sure but I was feeling this pressure. It’s like my brain couldn’t take a deep breath. I was on the hamster wheel and didn’t see myself being able to chuck away like this for much longer.

I was longing for more: more space to roam, more clean air, more stars. I had the call to nature.

We researched, planned, scratched plans, researched again, aligned opportunities and somehow it unfolded the way it was meant to. It was hard work but just like that, we were leaving the city.

We moved from Vancouver, BC to the small lake town of Lake Country in the Okanagan, BC. #Lakelife at its finest.

Here’s the thing. I wasn’t unhappy in the city. Truly, I wasn’t.

A vibrant city has so much to offer. That said, it hit me on our very first morning in the new house, while sipping on my coffee and admiring what would be our new view. I was perched on the couch, amidst boxes, toys and wrapping paper, and said to my husband:

We just elevated our life. I could FEEL it. Big time.

I felt it from day one. Suddenly, that noise was gone. I had space to breathe and kids space to run. Aaaaaaaaaaah, my brain took the biggest exhale in a very long time.

That’s what nature did to me, instantly. It’s like being at the cottage but it’s your house. That feeling of LOVING where you live 24/7. It's unbelievable.

It's not until we arrived here that I looked back and realized my physical environment had been draining me as oppose to nourishing me - the way a sacred space such as a home should be.

Now let’s be real. Living in a small town is not all pink and rosy. We had to leave big city perks behind (ie. restaurants, trendy coffee shops, good shopping, kids courses, specialized stores, etc). These perks appeared important to us but we realized they weren’t what made us truly happy.

Instead we decided to put our LIFESTYLE first.

We prioritized US; our physical + psychological wellbeing and where we wanted our kids to grow (hands and feet in the dirt and not in concrete). We could make the choice, so we did.

The repercussion on our daily life continues to be profound. Want to go for a paddle during your lunch break? Check. Hit the beach after school pick-up? Why not. Hike in the backyard while on a conference call? Done. Wow.

I had access to this lifestyle in beautiful Vancity too - but it meant I had to go out of my way to make it happen (ie. why it rarely happened). Now, it’s right there. Sun is out: let's go. It's living in sync with nature. That for me is called FREEDOM. 

Somehow I'm more intuitive here. Maybe there's less noise to mask my feelings and inner voice?

I can't help but think that the Universe had our back in this transition. There's a reason why we were brought here.

It's truly been a magical journey so far and I know there is no much goodness ahead.

Take care,

V xo



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