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4 Ways Nature Healed my Foggy Brain

I know this, you know this. Nature is an undoubted mood booster, stress healer and anxiety diffuser.

The impact is immediate and it works on everyone (even faster on kids!). Just think about how you felt after that afternoon apple picking or that morning on the beach or on that family hike. I smile just thinking about it.

I also smile thinking about how I left - what I call my foggy city brain - back in the city. Since moving by the lake, my brain feels clearer and clearer by the day.

I believe it's because of these 4 things:

  1. Calmer Brain Waves: I don't know about you but our fast-paced lives, constant noise + stimuli and addiction to electronic devices is tiring my poor brain out. Nature immersion has been shown to induce digital disconnection and offer some much-needed rest to our brain (more particularly pre-front cortex responsible for high functions). True that!!
  2. Stress Reduction via greenspace proximity: here’s the cool thing; science is clear and showing that just being surrounded by green space will reduce stress hormone production and release anxiety. BONUS: studies are showing that even if you don’t go for daily walks, just being near a green space gives you profound benefits. How cool is this? We’re always looking for ways to feel better; I’d say this is an easy hack!
  3. Mindfulness: I’ve been able to BE and achieve mindfulness for the first time after moving here. I’ve tried and tried and failed before. My brain just couldn’t change gears. The minute I arrived in nature it happened. Effortlessly. I can just sit out, look at the view and get in reflective mode. I’m still blown away and can’t believe nobody had told me this hack before!
  4. Creativity: proximity to nature, water more particularly, induces a meditative state (did you catch my video on it?) All senses get triggered and that’s what makes us feel so centered and inspired. This whole passion project is a result of me being overly inspired daily. Yay!

My foggy city brain has slowly dissipated, making space for a new energy. It's one of the reasons why nature living suits me really well right now. Calm brain anyone?

Are you wondering what nature living could look like for you? Join me on Call to Nature to dig deeper.


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