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Our DIY Mud Kitchen for less than $100


Last Spring I was looking for a way to keep the kids close to me when working in the greenhouse. I wanted to be able to keep an eye on them but have them play freely.

We decided to build them a play platform with a sandbox and a mud kitchen. To this day, they LOVE hanging out there. 

I'm lucky enough to have a husband handyman who never turns down the crazy projects I present him.

After gathering up some Pinterest inspiration, we decided to go with this model. We created our own version, using 2 old pallets and keeping it very cost effective

(If you're also needing inspiration, you can check my play area Pinterest board here.)

Here is what the frame looked like. 1 pallet was used for the back and my husband cut the other one in half to make the base and counter. We used additional 2x4 to hold it together.

We used untreated wood to avoid any unnecessary chemical fumes but then painted with a premium black outdoor wood paint to protect from water, uv and sand. 

I then went to the Dollar Store and grabbed $30 worth of kitchen elements that I knew would make it fun:

- 2 stainless steel bowls for the sinks

- Muffins pans

- Cake pans with fun shapes (butterfly, heart, star)

- Plastic cups and plates

- Measuring cups 

- Kitchen utensils and hooks to make them easy to reach and dry

Also if possible, plan for close-by water access to make muddy projects as they wish.

Encourage them to play outside!

This mud kitchen may look like nothing but it's what gets them outside 9 months out of the year! They have their own safe space where they can get dirty and use their imagination to create and build wild things. Kids are born to be creative...if we let them.

They ended up naming the mud kitchen: The Sunset Mud Shack!

They can stay in that area for hours in harmony (hence why we put in 2 sinks!), which gives us a nice break!

Now stay tuned, we are building a playhouse with a slide in the space above the sandbox. This will become their epic playground! I will report back when that's completed.

Hope this triggered your creativity!

See you back soon!

V xo

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