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What Living Closer to Nature Means for Us

I always thought I was a city girl.

Probably why nature living seemed like an intimidating concept at first. I was raised in a suburban area of Montreal, QC . My grand-parents had a farm and we were visiting every weekend so I suppose I got a glimpse of nature living could be.

While I love, respect and honor nature, I don’t do well completely isolated in it. I need to feel somewhat connected. After researching the concept further, I quickly realized that nature living doesn’t have to mean getting lost. It looks different for everyone and some people's only desire is to be as far as possible from their neighbor!

Nature living is a loose concept that we each define how we please.

Somehow for me, the thought of being by a lake, connected to a community was inviting and reassuring. I can kind of see my neighbor but not really. Know what I mean?

Whether it’s mountains, trees, lake or ocean pulling you; we’re all seeking the same thing: more green space to feel centered.

It's going back to our roots and how human beings were designed to live.

The science is irrefutable. Nature heals and most importantly PREVENTS the development of chronic diseases. Populations surrounded by more green space are healthier. It’s as simple as that. Take the blue zones - the regions where humans tend to live longer - they all are nature-oriented. 

If you have nature on the mind, start by asking yourself what Nature Living means for you. What's your vision for it? 

If you're getting the Call to Nature like I did, join the movement by signing up to my online course to help you make this dream a reality. 

V xo


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