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5 Ways to Practice Grounding

Grounding....all year round!

What is grounding anyway?

Grounding or earthing means to connect yourself to the Earth's natural energy to rebalance your body's systems.

It's a technique gaining traction in the health space as it's been shown to reduce inflammation and promote physical wellbeing by gaining free electrons from the Earth which then neutralize free radicals and act as powerful antioxidants.

With the increased concern of EMF exposure, this becomes even more relevant to do as often as possible.


How do we practice grounding?

Walking barefoot on grass, rocks or sand is the most known way to reap the benefits of earthing. Moist natural ground is even more conductive.

You will start feeling the benefits after a few seconds but the optimal recommendation is to do it for 30 minutes to feel the stress and pain reduction triggered by increased blood circulation and reduced inflammation.

If you're like me, that becomes harder to practice in the winter. If you are able to do it, good for you as you may get some additional cryotherapy benefits (see Wim Hoff method).

I researched how to get the benefits of grounding all year long and found some interesting ways to do so. Here are 5:


1~ Take an Epsom salt bath and submerge yourself.

Yes, just like when you were a kid! The minerals in the epsom salt will increase conductivity and submerging yourself for a few moments acts as a reset.


2~ In winter, put your feet on your fireplace 

This may sound weird but it was a game changer for me. If you have metal or stone casing this will work well. Connect your bare feet with the metal or stone part (the one that doesn't get warm).


Bonus: I do this with my legs up to increase circulation while the fire is on. Feels amazing and warm!


3~ In winter, do the Scandinavian technique with snow.

This one works well if you have a hot tub and snow! Go in it the hot tub (for 15 minutes than roll yourself in snow for a couple minutes. Alternatively take a warm shower and finish with cold!

You can rest a bit before going back in the hot tub and doing this cycle 1-2 more times for extra relaxing benefits. The kids and I love challenging ourselves at who can stay in the cold the longest!


The Earth offers natural healing energy to support our immune system and boost our body's ability to recover faster on its own.


4~ Hug a tree or touch water with bare hands.

Tree, water and snow are connected to the earth and therefore very conducive to grounding opportunities. Hugging a tree is a technique that has been used for hundreds of years and allows you to feel connected to something bigger than yourself.

In winter, touching the snow with your hands and feeling the water as it melts also helps to feel the benefits. Snowball fight anyone?


5~ Use a weighted blanket to sleep.

I'm so excited about this and I ordered mine from Baloo Living as it's the only one made sustainably and using lead-free glass microbeads and sustainable cotton. The pressure of the blanket (~25lbs) on your body when sleeping provides grounding and automatically helps to calm the nervous system to increase sleep quality and release any anxiety. It's a 2-in-1 in my opinion!



In closing, there are several grounding products available such as earthing mats and bedding. Although I have never tried those, they prove to be popular ways to get the benefits of grounding with minimal efforts.


I hope these tips are helpful. xo

PS. Tag me @vgrutman if you end up trying them.



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