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Dressing for the Weather to Enjoy Nature in Winter

I've never been a winter person. Let's be honest; going outside in winter takes effort.

I had to warm up to it 15 years ago when I was a Cardio Plein Air instructor. Teaching outdoor workouts 365 days per year in Montreal...from +30 to -30, rain, snow or shine. 

I learned how to dress for the cold weather...quickly. 

Being warm and comfortable when outdoors is absolutely corelated to your enjoyment. That goes for kids too. You can't be freezing cold and still have fun. Not in my books anyway.

Here are a few tips to do it right and make your winter outing a positive one. Let's set ourselves for success, shall we? 


First off, remember that it's best to dress in layers. Use the onion analogy with your kids so they understand. Include layers that you can easily peel off if and when needed. It's better and so much easier to simply remove a layer when you get too warm.

In winter, consider always having these 3 layers:

1. First layer: the key with the base layer is to ensure you wear a thin layer made of a breathable material right on your skin. Sweat needs to be able to come out or else you will get humidity trapped in (which is literally the worst feeling). Look for a long sleeved base layer that dries quickly. Something like this. Do not wear cotton directly on your skin as it doesn't breathe.

2. Second layer: this is your insulating layer that will help keep you warm. You want something thicker that will retain your body heat. Consider something like this.

3. Third layer: here you are wanting to shield from the snow, rain or wind. It's your outer shell that will ultimately keep you protected from environmental ailments. A shell made of Gore-Tex is usually a good idea here. I use this one all year long and simply play with layers. I've had it for over 10 years so it's a safe investment.

If we're going to the mountain to play in the snow I usually have a bottom warm base layer (I like this one) and put my snowpants right overtop. 

Don't forget warm socks, a wool blend like this normally works well.

When you pull it together, it should look something like this.


There is a good chance that you already have some items that fit the above criteria in your closet. No need to get anything fancy. You may need to invest in a few pieces here but keep in mind that these will last you a long time - not to mention that they will make you want to enjoy the benefits of nature all year-round and no matter what the weather is like.

I keep the most expensive but essential pieces on my Black Friday wishlist and wait for a good discount.

You should be all set for some fun and warm play time!

Let's go play outside!



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