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I swear by my Bulletproof Coffee - a detailed guide on why + how to make it.

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I wasn't always a coffee drinker. I only started enjoying the caffeine boost when I became a mom.

I remember the odd times I'd be sipping on black coffee to get a boost for University exams but that was it.

With motherhood came the need for self-care rituals and believe it or not, coffee is now in that category for me! My morning coffee is now sacred. 

It's sacred not only because it starts the day right but mostly because of its superpowers.

I started drinking a shot of espresso in the morning after my daughter was born.

I changed it up with the arrival of my son in 2017. I needed all the help I could to combat the mommy brain and be sharp. That's when I stumbled upon Bulletproof.

I'm the kind of person that gets hooked on something when the benefits and reasoning behind it makes sense. If I don't feel significantly better, I won't bother.

Let's face it, making a Bulletproof coffee takes more time and costs more money BUT oh, are the results ever there to deliver every time (and MUCH cheaper than moldy and sugary drinks from the big chain coffee shops).

Let me walk you through how I make it and why I choose to stick with it.

Why the Bulletproof brand?

Bulletproof coffee was founded by Dave Asprey, the father of Biohacking. If you've been following me for a while, you know that I really appreciate the work he does and information he puts out into the world to help us tap into our best selves.  

Growing up, Dave suffered from a bad and prolonged case of mold exposure which led him to develop obesity, autoimmune diseases, arthritis and more. He knows first hand how bad mold is for us.

Just so happens we also had a mold bad luck in 2020. The impact was brutal on our family, it took us 9 months of intense daily detoxification to rid our body of those toxins. Ugh.

Given that coffee is something most of us drink daily, Dave went out to source the best ethical coffee and was the first one to lab test it for molds and toxins. He brought awareness to the coffee community about the presence of mycotoxins in coffee beans and set out to offer the first mold-free coffee: Bulletproof coffee was born.


Is the coffee you're currently drinking moldy?

Chances are, yes. 

Recent studies have shown that 91.7% of coffee beans are mold contaminated. 

Read more in this article.

Wait, what? Why is nobody talking about this? 

Unfortunately we often pick our coffee based on price and not quality. Most coffee are using cheap beans and yes, you guessed it: poor quality and moldy ones.

Having suffered from mold exposure, I have learned how it can literally impact every body functions: from brain fog to muscles soreness, food intolerances, random allergies and the list goes on.

I know how HARD it is to get those toxins out of your body, I'm committed to do everything I can to not voluntarily put more in my body. 

If I'm drinking coffee everyday, I want to be drinking a clean, mold-free product that won't be adding more inflammation in my body.

And that is the reason why I won't buy anything else than Bulletproof. In Canada I haven't come across any other brand testing for mold. If you are in the US, Kion Coffee seems to be as rigorous and a great option.



What is a Bulletproof coffee?

Introducing coffee on steroids. 

This brain-boosting recipe is not only yummy but filling, keto and fast-friendly.

I start everyday with a Bulletproof coffee and it acts as my breakfast (you're saving money there so you can justify this prime coffee!). 

Here's how I do it:

Put the following in a high-speed blender:

*read the label carefully. Go for grass-fed to avoid additional inflammation caused by traditional farming methods and animals fed with grains, antibiotics etc.

Mix those in your blender and enjoy a creamy coffee that will keep you full until lunch.

The MCT oil in the Brain Octane Oil is powerful brain fuel. I feel sharp, focused and on point. The ghee will offer you additional fat to get you going and feel energized.

The addition of the prebiotic is basically to offer the ideal food for your good gut bacteria so they can proliferate. Because you are feeding them, you are left feeling satisfied and not hungry. Double whammy!


Does high-speed mixing matter?

It sure does. It's been proven that this extra step will help to create EZ water, a form of water that acts as energy your cells can immediately use. It's like a plug and play at the molecular level.

It's the reason why you will feel so energized. Do the test for yourself by simply adding the ingredients listed above and not blending - not the same!

No need to mix for minutes, 30 seconds or so will suffice. You can watch my video on it here.

PS. If you decide to skip the blending part, you'll end up with a coffee and a pool of oil on top...not great. The blending makes it all frothy and yummy.


A powerful tool for Intermittent Fasting

I use my Bulletproof coffee as a hack to practice Intermittent Fasting (IF).

I sip on it all morning which gives me energy, clarity and reduces any hunger or cravings.

I'm then able to reduce my eating window to 6 or 8 hours which in turn helps to further reduce body inflammation, give your gut a restorative and healing rest as well as support a healthy detoxification.

I will normally break my fast between noon and 2pm depending on the day. I love that I don't think once about food until then. What a liberation!

If you want to use this coffee for IF too, be sure not to add collagen, cream or anything else as it will break your fast.

I'm currently playing around with fasting and trialing new methods (ie. OMAD/One Meal A Day, Protein Fast, etc). I will write about that once I figure out what works best for me.

I hope this offers you the tools to feel more informed about the powers of Bulletproof Coffee and whether it's a good fit for you or not.

Let me know if you end up trying it and how it's been for you!

PS. I'm not sponsored by Bulletproof and only recommend it because it's genuinely made a positive impact on my life.

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