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Back to School Immunity Essentials

'Tis the season for runny noses and germs!

When back to school season approaches, I like to get the immune system of everyone in my family boosted and ready for the upcoming attacks.

While it's perfectly normal (and good) for the immune system to be challenged from time to time, ensuring that there's no mineral or vitamin deficiency will ensure a good and adequate immunity response to any virus or bacteria exposure.


We normally start 2 weeks before the first day of school and continue all the way through for a month after it started.

Some of the items below I keep for my kids throughout the year as I consider them essentials for healthy body functions.


This post will be catered around kid's immunity primarily.

So here's my list of must-haves:


1. Year-Round Essentials 

  • Daily Fruit & Vegetable Powder: because we know we can never get enough veggies into them. This powder contains 22 organic fruit and vegetables that will offer a "safety net" to ensure enough antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals coming from real food (the most bioavailable form). I mix this in their morning smoothie or even hide it in their muffins!

  • Probiotics: Did you know that most of our immune cells are developing in our gut? A balanced gut is a key indicator to a strong immune system. Lately I've been liking this dairy-free, shelf-stable and high concentration of active probiotics to support gut health and ensure a balanced microbiome.
    • I open half a capsule in each of my kids' smoothie in the morning and will mix half a capsule in their dinner.

  • Omega 3: this is absolutely essential to brain development as well as to keep general body inflammation down. As a result, it supports our immune system directly and is essential to proper cognitive and body development on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, it's hardly impossible to get the required dosage through food alone, even for those consuming a lot of fish.
    • I like a high dose of DHA coming from small fish to reduce mercury exposure as much as possible.


2. Immune Boosting - ongoing through the school year

  • Vitamin C: the mother of all antioxidant. Did you know humans are the only mammal unable to produce its own vitamin C? We rely solely on food sources and supplementation. With benefits impacting hundreds of systems in the body, this is something you don't want to run low on, especially during cold and flu season.  
    • My kids get 1000 to 2000mg daily and I like the liposomal form for better bioavailability.


  • Vitamin D: by now I think it's common knowledge that vitamin D is absolutely essential to good health. Generally, it's ok to ease off on supplementation in the peak of summer months but if you're in Canada like me, the reality is there's no chance we can produce enough vitamin D through sunlight 10 months out of the year. 

  • Bioray NDF Immune: I LOVE the Bioray line of kids' products, especially because they're using micronized Chlorella as a binding agent to eliminate any toxin getting in the way of their healing. This NDF Immune contains food-based vitamin C sources, zinc and some adaptogens to support our kids' immune response and easy any discomfort.
    • My kids are fine with having this straight up but you can also mix it in their morning smoothie.

3. At first onset of cold or flu symptoms

  • Elderberry syrup: I love this syrup which contains a high-dose of organic elderberry, a powerful antioxidant known - and used for centuries - for its cold and flu-fighting capacities
    • I give my kids 1 teaspoon morning and night as the first onset of symptoms.

  • Gentle Nasal Spray: during the first couple weeks of school I have them do the nasal spray once in each nostril at night. If they have a runny rose, it's twice in each nostril morning and night. This helps to clear sinuses, hydrate nasal passages and eliminate viruses and bacteria hiding in the nose. 
    • If your kids are old enough, doing a good ol' Sinus Rinse is even better!
    • Continue for 7 days even once symptoms subside.

  • Colloidal Silver: this is truly a miracle mineral with its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. The whole family takes it as soon as someone shows a sniffle!


So here you have it; key elements of my immune arsenal.

I keep these products on hand at all times and often even travel with them as they can drastically reduce the length of a cold/flu.

I hope this was helpful :)

Stay healthy and happy back to school!



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Disclaimer: this is not medical advice but simply what works for my family. Please speak with your physician before integrating these products to your routine.

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