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A Health Coach Black Friday Faves

Black Friday is back!

Is it me or retailers have started pushing this event the day after Halloween this year? OMG!

Call me old school, but I like it when the sale goes from the actual Black Friday day until Cyber Monday, that's it! 

There's less distraction and we don't get bombarded by hundreds of emails.

The way I stay sane through those emails and the temptation for easy consumption is I keep an ongoing list on my phone of things I need. 

On it; all the latest tools, products and tech that I'm eyeing.

Wellness optimization gets expensive pretty quick so I'm the first one to be on the look for a good deal.


With Black Friday around the corner, I wanted to share what's on my radar or what I think might be a useful purchase in your quest to elevate your and your family's health.


(Remember though: the best tools to feel our best are free - nature, water, sleep, etc)

I hope it's helpful!

Let's do this.

PS. This list is in no particular order of importance. 




EMF-Free headphones by Defender Shield 

I try really hard to limit EMF exposure as much as possible. This means, you won't see me with air pods (EMF radiating directly into your brain via your ears, no thanks).

I've been using these EMF-free headphones daily for over 3 years, and let me tell you: they are a game changer. Not only is the sound impeccable but they are durable (I've carried them everywhere from my morning walk in winter to my plane rides and daily zoom meetings).

Save up to 25% off with this link




New High Achiever Coffee by Bulletproof 

If you've been following me for a while, you know I only trust 2 brands of tested mold and toxin-free coffee beans: Kion and Bulletproof.

I'm super excited that Bulletproof just released their new High Achiever Coffee (seems like it was named for me!!!) which now includes B-vitamins and Lion's Mane for a superboosted cup of joe. 

If you're wondering which coffee type is best for you, take the quiz here.

Use code VANESSA20 for 20% off



Thera03 - Ozone Bubbler

I LOVE Therasage as a company. I got to meet and chat with Rob, the brain behind all their innovations at my recent IHP conference and fell even more in love with what they have to offer.

This Ozone bubbler is another must in my household. I seriously use this ozone-maker tool every single day.

Whether it is to sanitize and prolong the freshness of my produce, to make ozonated water that we gargle with to kill any virus or bacteria or to heal rapidly an open wound, this tool has saved me and my family more than once!

Use code VANESSA20 for 20% your order

CE Ferulic, Vitamin C serum by SkinCeuticals 

This is the one skin product I have used religiously for the past decade. Yes, I have been using this vitamin C serum every single day for the past 10 years. It's that good.

The CE Ferulic serum has been known as the gold standard of vitamin C products in the scientific community since the early 2000s. To this day, its efficacy and skin penetration is still unmatched.

I use it every single morning to help prevent skin damage from environmental assaults including sun, heat and toxins. It neutralizes free radicals and helps the skin to be more resilient.

Use code VANESSA15 for 15% off



Radiation-Blocking Phone Case

My phone is always nearby which means EMF radiations are constantly close to my body. In an effort to reduce that, I have invested in this phone case a couple years ago and I love it.

It blocks EMF and the entire 5G spectrum which means you can keep your phone on you without having to be worried. 

I love that it also holds my main cards - it's so convenient that it has literally become my purse (I know, not the most fashionable but very functional!).

Use code VANESSA20 for 20% off



Scarlet Luxe by Truelight

Many of you saw how I used this recently when my daughter injured herself. This red, infrared and amber light is a powerful tool to reduce inflammation, promote cellular healing, increase blood flow, boost collagen and tissue repair and so much more.

I use this tool in my household for so many things from beating Seasonal Affective Disorder, healing an injury, helping a tummy ache, boosting the mitochondria for energy when sick, improving skin quality and more! A must in our home!

Shop and save on the Scarlet and more red light products here


Eyelash Boost Serum by DIME Beauty

Most beauty products out there are toxic and damaging to your health. I was delighted to find DIME Beauty which only uses ingredients that are clean and natural (1 or 2 on the ewg.org scale).

I have experienced fuller, longer lashes with this amino acid and peptide-based lash serum. I use it morning and night and much prefer it to all the hormone-disruptive lash serums on the market.



Radiant Health Infrared Sauna

Yes, this is a bigger splurge but for my family and I, this tool has been a critical part of our healing and wellbeing journey. Having it at home just makes sense for us.

I love this brand because it's made of sustainable wood, they don't use any glue (hello toxins heating up, yikes) and have the lowest EMF readings around. That means it can be a true healing device in your home.

Use code VANESSA500 for $500 off


Daily Nutritional Support by Equilife

If you follow me on social media, you know that I'm obsessed with this protein powder. I use it every single day, so does my hubby and my kids.

I just haven't been able to find another product as well rounded as this one. Not only does it offer a complete methylated multi-vitamin, it also ensures I get all the required micronutrients for the day, electrolytes and a vegan (easy to digest) source of protein. 

I use two scoops of the vanilla one in my smoothie every morning. It also make a wonderful afternoon snack. My kids like the chocolate one better.

Use code VANESSA10 for 10% your first order



Paperclip gold chain by Enti Ana

I know it might surprise you to see jewelry here but I get asked about my necklaces all the time.

I want to bring your attention to the paperclip chain I'm wearing 24/7. I don't even take it off to shower. The quality has amazed me - I wasn't sure what to expect given that it's 14K gold vermeil but turns out Enti Ana uses more microns of gold which means it's more durable and super affordable: win-win!

(PS. You're not really supposed to get gold vermeil wet but eh, it's working for me!)

Use code VANESSA15 for 15% storewide!


I could keep on going but I will keep it at that.

Remember that I have an ongoing Resources page with all my favorite products by category. I update it regularly with my most up-to-date findings.

Also, I want to remind you that I've been at this for over a decade. I did not buy everything all at once but rather little by little.

Be gentle with yourself!

Big love,



NOTE: Some of these links are affiliate links which means I could be making a small commission from your purchase. This supports my small business and helps me continuing to offer high-quality content for free. Thank you!


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