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5 Reasons Why Living in Nature During a Pandemic Is a Game Changer

We left the city and moved closer to nature at the end of the summer of 2019.

There was no pandemic in sight then. There was, however, already a movement of city exodus slowly starting to take place.

A movement towards space, nature, lifestyle, autonomy, freedom...slower living. More being, less rushing.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we were over 6 months into this new life. Of course, like anyone else, it rocked our lives. 

Underneath it all, I can't help but feel like the Universe had been preparing us for this.

Let me explain. Keep reading.

Living closer to nature - or nature living - is in essence, a life that unfolds at a much slower pace. It's less busy, less crowded.

Life is much more about synchronicity with nature; soaking in the sunrise, sunset, blue skies, bird sounds, forest smells, waves etc.  Over time nature finds a way to weaves itself back into your life (where it belongs). 

Turns out nature is undoubtedly the safest place to be during a pandemic. 


1. Nature is right there for us.

Sure we lived close to nature when in Vancouver: a 10-min drive to the seawall or 20 minutes to world-class hiking trails. The difference here? I step outside and I have arrived. No car, no packing needed.

The proximity and convenience to nature been a GAME CHANGER. It's what this is all about.

My family and I feel overly grateful to have our new environment to wake up to everyday. It's always been precious but in the last months, it took a whole different meaning.

2. Nature heals. 

More and more science is coming out proving the profound impact of nature exposure on the overall health.

It boosts immunity by grounding and relaxing you, therefore giving your body an opportunity to recover and be inspired.

Being in nature is an immersive experience that brings you closer to you. It shuts down distraction and taps into your soul. 

Before moving here, I hadn't realize the deep impact nature could have on me. It's not until it became an integral part of my daily life that I could feel the shift.

During this pandemic, my priority has been to optimize me and my family's health so we can be strong and resilient. Living here has allowed me to do this with my best ally: nature.

3. There is (a lot of) space to roam.

Getting stir crazy? Going outside is always the solution. While this is possible to do everywhere, the difference here is it doesn't get crowded.

In times of pandemic, this is a very good news.

No need to stress about social distancing, it's just the way it always is. 

Not having to worry about this in turn reduces unnecessary stress and helps to protect our immune system while enjoying the great outdoors.

4. It's easier to support the local economy.

Put it this way; I literally have 13 options for food delivery on my DoorDash app (vs over a thousand in Vancouver!).  Not to mention that those options are ALL ridiculously unhealthy...I mean big fast food chains? No thank you.

Although it felt quite inconvenient at first, it forced us to pick-up from local restaurants and wineries which is in fact so much better for everyone.

The reduced access to convenient overnight Amazon shipping solutions also forced us to shop local. Another great news in times of pandemic!

Local coffee shops or small restaurant are also less crowded making them more accessible and safe.


5. We literally can be in our bubble.

Yes it's easier to stick to our family bubble (our neighbors are far!) but living closer to nature has forced us to become resourceful and independent. 

We were already set-up to work remotely, had our local organic farm deliveries lined up, were already working out in the garage, and our regular Facetime rendez-vous with the fam is something we've been doing for years. Not much has changed for us (except the homeschooling part - yeah that wasn't ideal lol) - we've just been trekking along, doing our thing.


The point is, in times of uncertainty and health concerns, nature is our best ally. More of it simply can't hurt anyone, quite the opposite.

I can't begin to express my gratitude and daily appreciation for waking up here in nature.  Hearing owls at night and having deer visiting us in the morning is reminding us that life continues. It evolves, just like us.

Stay safe out there!

V xo

If you are wondering what living closer to nature could look like and open up for you, join me in the Call to Nature ~ The Workshop. Here you will learn more about this way of living and its benefits. Read more here.

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