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15 Ways to Thrive During Holiday Celebrations

Thriving during the Holidays

Here we are, the Holiday season is here and so are the festivities!

While this time of year is full of wonders, the increased level of festivities can also be tiring on the body.

The day of a celebration, here are the 15 things I make sure to do so I can show up as my best self.

It may seem like a lot but I promise, it will help you stay resilient, healthy, vibrant and joyful through this busy time.

Here we go:


1. Aim to start the morning with a meditation to set clear intentions for your day;

2. Have a smoothie for breakfast using a vegan protein powder, a handful of greens, ½ to 1 cup of frozen organic berries, 1 tbsp of healthy fat (ie. avocado, coconut cream, flax seeds) and 20oz of filtered water;

3. Go for a nature walk to ground yourself before the craziness of festivities;

4. Have a colorful salad with a vegan protein for lunch, keep it light;

5. Take your basic immunity supplements: vitamin C, vitamin D, omega 3;

6. Drink lots of water during the day. Aim to have 2L of filtered water by mid afternoon;

7. If something about the celebration makes you anxious, consider taking an adaptogen such as ashwagandha to help you buffer stress. Take it 30 minutes before the evening. 

8. Enjoy your night. Show up as your future self by embodying her; walk, talk, laugh, love, hug and empower like her.

9. Stay present and put your phone away. Avoid small talk or drama!

10. If you can, avoid food allergens or anything you know won’t make you feel good (ie. dairy, gluten, etc). This will help you keep a sustained level of energy through the night.

11. Take a digestive enzymes with your dinner to support your digestion and reduce bloating. Ideally 15 minutes before your meal.

12. Limit alcohol intake as much as possible; you will better enjoy how you feel that evening and the next day! If you decide to have alcohol, avoid any sugary drinks.

13. If you do take alcohol, you can take a capsule of activated charcoal with your first drink. This will help pull toxins out and reduce hangover feelings.

14. When you come back that night, do a quick sinus rinse to help remove any pathogens you may have picked up and reduce your changes of getting sick.

15. To help you achieve a restorative night of sleep, take some calming magnesium.


This is it! Now go on and HAVE FUN!


Happy Holidays,

Vanessa xo


Disclaimer: These are recommendations only and do not represent medical advice. As an Integrated Health Practitioner, Vanessa Grutman does not treat or cure diseases. Always consult your physician before considering a new health modality.


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