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060 - 5 Wounds That Stop Your Feminine Energy with Cassendre Chassé

Season #2

Welcome back to another episode of The Energy Upgrade. This week, I'm so excited to have a conversation with a wonderful and inspiring woman, Cassendre Chassé. She is a successful entrepreneur, relationship specialist and coach that is mastering the art of personal evolution. Cassendre brings a unique blend of experiences, from her early challenges and traumas to her extensive 20-year career in holistic health, including roles as a chef, organic grocer, yoga teacher, and corporate coach at Lululemon.

In this episode, you can expect to hear about:
- The transformative power of feminine energy in business and personal life.
- The healing journey from intergenerational wounds and how to move beyond them.
- The role of the ego in maintaining old patterns and how to master it for personal growth.
- Practical strategies for tapping into your intuition and embracing your spirituality for a more fulfilled life.

This conversation is good for anybody who's wanting a better romantic relationship, a better business, a better life in general and anybody who’s wanting to heal from the past and step into a brighter, more authentic future.

So, buckle up and let's dive into this amazing conversation. Let's go!

Episode Highlight:
"Forgiveness is a big part of healing from past traumas, and it's a process. It's like grieving. It's not something that happens overnight, it's going to take time. I had to forgive so much to be able to love myself. First, I needed to forgive myself, my actions and then I started to be able to forgive my dad, my mom, and everybody that needed to be forgiven, you know? That is freedom."
- Cassendre Chassé


Find Cassendre here:
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- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cassendrecoaching/
- TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@cassendrecoaching


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