Because elevating your health and longevity to support the rapid expansion of your business is now a necessity.

Allure is a bespoke haute couture coaching program designed to help you optimize your health, your mindset and your environment so nothing gets in your way.

You’re already on top of your game but you know that your growth is entangled with how clean your health, your vision, your environment and your lifestyle is.

With this private high-touch process you can expect to dive into well-rounded detoxification protocols, biohacking principles, feminine energy, mindset, soul's calling, wealth energetics, environment optimization and lifestyle elevation, all carefully assembled to amplify the successful women you already are.

Imagine the 2.0 version of you entering the room with Allure.


You already are magnetic and successful, yet you know there’s more you could unlock for sustainable vitality.


“There’s something changed about you”

they will say. Allure is the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive and fascinating.
This work you will do behind the scenes will transform you and your energy intrinsically.

You will remember your light.
Your glow will be amplified.

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Your current success surpasses the entendment. You’re operating at such a high level that most people can’t comprehend where this lifeforce is coming from. You are a majestic mystery creating an undeniable massive impact in the world. You are unique. 


Yet, you find yourself worrying about the sustainability of your energy. 


Because you, your brand, your team and your community depends on it.
The stakes are high and you know it.
It’s time to set even stronger foundations that will support the ascension of your empire.

Allure will help you touch the fountain of youth. 

Through weekly coaching sessions over 12 weeks, you will reconnect with your body in ways you haven’t done before.

With Vanessa’s personalized support you will:

  • Learn to clean your vessel through unique detoxification protocols and non-toxic transitions in your lifestyle and environment.
  • Build your strongest microbiome that will work for you on an immune, hormonal and nervous system level.
  • Understand how your body and nervous system need to be nourished to fuel you at your level of high performance.
  • Embody a sustainable wellness lifestyle that will become you and serve you, no matter where you are in the world. 
  • Learn to love your body again and shed what is ready to be dissolved (this is how you achieve your ideal weight). 
  • Biohack your health to tap into longevity strategies that will have you age backward, literally.
  • Balance your feminine and masculine energy for insatiable energy and magnetism.
  • Mindset shift and shedding of limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of your ascension. 

6 months to transformation

When joining Allure, our most exclusive and VIP coaching program, you can expect the following:

  • 2 x 45-minute coaching sessions with Vanessa per month with a priority access to her calendar;
  • 24/7 messaging with Vanessa to offer the highest level of accountability;
  • Advanced Stress, Hormones & Metabolism testing with 60-minute consultation and personalized protocol ($1,111 value)
  • Advanced biological age test ($700 value)
  • 7-Day Liver Detox ($200 value);
  • Preferred pricing on supplements and select biohacking tools.

To ensure the highest level of support, Allure only welcomes 10 new members per year. 

Allure will help you set the foundation for the sustainable magnetic energy you need to continue the ascension of your empire.


  • 2 monthly calls with Vanessa for 6 months
  • 24/7 messaging with Vanessa
  • Advanced Stress, Hormones & Metabolism testing with 60-minute consultation and personalized protocol ($1,111)
  • Advanced biological age test ($700 value) 
  • 7-day liver detox ($200 value)
  • Access to a vast library of masterclasses under The Energy Upgrade, Biohacking Mastery, Summer and Fall Queen, The Energy Reset Bootcamp.



Vanessa, Soul Biohacker & Successful Entrepreneur will lead you through this energy alchemy.

Vanessa is a Certified Health Coach, Integrated Health Practitioner, Kinesiologist and seasoned entrepreneur dedicated to supporting women in reclaiming their energy and reconnecting with their true innate power for infinite abundance.

While always being passionate for health, she spent the last decade building a successful 7-figure business in the skin health industry. She sold and exited this business earlier in 2023 with lots of wisdom that she’s now excited to share.

She walked through her first experience in entrepreneurship deeply rooted in her masculine energy, fueled by wanting to be busy, hustling, hitting big goals and crushing her daily to-do list. It definitely worked, until it didn’t.

While building this business, she also birthed 2 babies and found herself completely burnt out from this pace of life that completely disconnected her from her body and essence. 

Rebuilding herself back up required a lot of inner work, shedding of limiting beliefs, detoxification protocols and energy realignment.

She decided to go back to her passion for health and wellness and got certified as a health coach, primarily with the intention to heal herself.

Through vulnerability and dedication, utilizing the latest and greatest biohacking innovations, she was able to transcend her masculine operating system to finally reconnect with her divine feminine lifeforce energy to level up her magnetism and leadership.

It’s with this energy that she is leading this newest enterprise which has already achieved rapid exponential growth in a short period of time.

She is now coaching high-achieving women who, like her, find themselves trapped in the same pattern of performance and perfectionism.

She has a special ability to meet you where you are, understand what is blocking your success and offering tailored recommendations to help you tap into your multidimensional potential.

Vanessa offers a unique approach that encompasses her decade of experience as a successful entrepreneur and knowledge as a holistic health coach to biohack your life and help you blur the lines of possibilities.

Start dreaming big!


Vanessa will rapidly take you to new heights which might involve letting go of some old ways to embrace a whole new way of living.

Vanessa doesn't cure, treat or diagnose disease.