Are you ready to become a magnetic force in the world of entrepreneurship?

Transcend the ordinary and become a multidimensional biohacking master for your health and business, unveiling a world of infinite possibilities.

Femme Biohacker 

 a 6-month coaching intensive by Vanessa Grutman

A cutting-edge coaching program designed for
high-achieving women entrepreneurs with big ambitions who are ready to become their own version of Wonder Woman without burning out!

This unique process is a revolutionary fusion of biohacking principles and entrepreneurial mastery, carefully crafted to enhance your health, amplify your business, and propel you towards limitless success. 

This process is pure biohacking alchemy:

 deeply anchored in all the latest science and innovation, all while honoring the unique and precious body and energy of a woman. 


Get ready to finally get tangible clarity on your health + business.

From exploring your lifestyle, your brand, your values, your ideal clients, your energetics and genetics, your money story, your leadership, your innate style, your energy, your spirituality, your nervous system and all things in between, no stone will be left unturned.

This process will help you become magnetic beyond measure, allowing you to step into the next level expansion you’ve been seeking with ease and flow.

IMPORTANT: This an ALL-IN program!  Because tangible results are the end goal, you will be guided you through taking real actions, stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new things and building momentum.


Be prepared to evolve. The new version of you is knocking at the door.

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In the realm of entrepreneurship, your magnetic presence defines your success.

Picture yourself with:

  • A non-negotiable vibrant lifestyle that becomes the grounding force behind your success and infinite abundance.
  • An irresistible aura that captivates your audience, attracts ideal clients, and opens doors to new opportunities;
  • A thriving business that skyrockets, thanks to your strong brand, clear marketing, magnetic leadership and influence;
  • An unwavering energy and radiating beauty that helps you defy time and aging.

You know you’re at a pivotal point in your health and business.  

You're ready to shift.

You’re a well-rounded successful women entrepreneur and on the surface, you appear to have it all together.

Up until now, you’ve been defining your success based on the number of things you get done, the speed of which you accomplish them and the money you bring in at the end of each month.

It’s linear, objective and truly, it’s exhausting. 

You can’t deny it anymore: your body, mind and soul are tired. 

Yet, that big dream is in you..but how to gather the force to get there?


Something in you is wondering:
how are thriving female entrepreneurs truly doing it?

You know it’s time to stop:

  • Hustling; the go-go-go, the unachievable to-do list, the « sorry, just one more email » that completely disrupts your nervous system, hormones and overall energy.
  • Running in circles scattered through distractions and so-called emergencies, only to find the exhausted, tired and anxious version of you on the other side.
  • Having financial contractions and old stories around money that make you work so hard for it; jeopardizing your health, relationship and family.
  • Being a people-pleaser, trying to make everyone around you happy while compromising your own well-being and forgetting your own worth.
  • Finding it impossible and confronting to slow down (there’s always more to do!).

This version of you can't get you where you aspire.

It's time to LEVEL UP.

Femme Biohacker
will help you stand out.


This unique approach will empower you to step into your feminine energy as well as radically realign your sense of leadership and responsibility for a life that transcends the ordinary.

Don't settle for the norm - be in the 0,1% of women entrepreneur who rise.


So few people find the secret sauce to long-term entrepreneurial success.

The typical entrepreneur journey usually ends in 2 ways: 1) when times get tough, you think you were not made for this and you're not good enough or 2) as your business grows, you'll start resenting it because you will lack time, energy, resilience and resources.


As a versatile biohacking alchemist, you will fall in love with your uniqueness, your valuable business and its impact on the world so much that it will help you anchor down your aligned actions.

Seamlessly, you will begin to merge dimensions to manifest a reality that surpasses your imagination.

This will enable you to envision new pathways and set audacious goals that stretch your boundaries, far beyond what you ever intended. 

You're just a few consistent shifts away.

I want to discuss this further

This unique executive coaching program is part health, part business, part soul work.


It will allow you to:

  • Build your personal brand and platform of authority in alignment with your own unique values and the ones of your business;
  • Understand and reconnect with your intrinsic value and learn how to become more valuable to your ideal clients;
  • Learn how to harness your true divine feminine energy, trust again, all while staying anchored in your leadership;
  • Become a true biohacker through the embodiment of health, elevated with the latest innovation that will help you level up your lifeforce energy and raise your frequency;
  • Increase your performance, focus and productivity with more ease and less hustling;
  • Become the leader in your category by attracting your ideal clients, captivating your audience and creating new opportunities;
  • Become non-negotiable for your health and vital energy by taking full responsibility for your choices (no victim mindset allowed);
  • Let go of what is holding you down by leaning into vulnerability and breaking the patterns that are keeping you in the past;
  • Ditch constrictive money stories and learn how abundance is your birthright;
  • Find your unique style that makes up who you truly are and allows you to stop worrying about competition. 
  • Increase your longevity and learn to embody a lifestyle that defies time and aging. 


Aligned, vibrant and conscious women can magnetize their wildest dreams by blurring the lines of possibilities:

If you’re here, it’s because you’re ready.

Embody the true balance between performance and ease & flow.

Step into your feminine power to transcend and redefine your own metrics of success - all while still strongly anchored in your leadership.

  • Biohack how you think, act and move through life.
  • Become a beacon of light everywhere you go.
  • Embody the wealth frequency for an abundance of health, purpose, love and money.
  • Become magnetic to attract your big dreams and desires.

All of this, without the usual hustle.

Femme Biohacker
is for you if:

  • You are an entrepreneur with a real service to offer to the world;
  • You’re tired of running in circle like a madwoman, only to get ok results;
  • You no longer want to waste time, you’re ready to speed things up;
  • You’re not entirely sure where to begin for a true sustainable transformation and growth;
  • You realize that you need an expander who’s walked the path to show you the way and hold you accountable to ensure rapid alchemy;
  • You are ready for growth and expansion in your business;
  • You are feeling alone in your journey and want to align with a sacred circle of like-minded women entrepreneurs that share the same goals and vision;

Women have a superpower - you are worthy of remembering yours.

Become your own version of Wonder Woman.

As a member of Femme Biohacker, here’s what you can expect for 6 months:

  • A small, sacred group of aligned women entrepreneurs;

  • Weekly 60-minute masterclasses with Vanessa;

  • 1:1 monthly 60-minute coaching with Vanessa;

  • Ongoing access to Vanessa through safe messaging platform;

  • Monthly experts workshops to deepen the work;

  • DNA testing halfway through the program to assess biological age and longevity markers;

  • Private online portal of resources;

  • Exclusive savings on biohacking tools and supplements.


  • When joining Femme Biohacker, you receive your complimentary access to The Energy Upgrade ($3,777 value)

It's time to incarnate your higher potential.

I'm ready to step into my power

Vanessa Grutman, Master Biohacker & Successful Entrepreneur will lead you through this energy alchemy.

Vanessa is a Certified Health Coach, Integrated Health Practitioner, Kinesiologist and seasoned entrepreneur dedicated to supporting women in reclaiming their energy and reconnecting with their true innate power for infinite abundance.

While always being passionate for health, she spent the last decade building a successful 7-figure business in the skin health industry. She sold and exited this business earlier in 2023 with lots of wisdom that she’s now excited to share.

She walked through her first experience in entrepreneurship deeply rooted in her masculine energy, fueled by wanting to be busy, hitting big goals and crushing her daily to-do list. It definitely worked, until it didn’t.

While building this business, she also birthed 2 babies and found herself completely burnt out from this pace of life that completely disconnected her from her body and essence. 

Rebuilding herself back up required a lot of inner work, shedding of limiting beliefs, detoxification protocols and energy realignment.

She decided to go back to her passion for health and wellness and got certified as a health coach, primarily with the intention to heal herself.

Through vulnerability and dedication, utilizing the latest and greatest biohacking innovations, she was able to transcend her masculine operating system to finally reconnect with her divine feminine lifeforce energy to level up her magnetism and leadership.

It’s with this energy that she is leading this newest enterprise which has already achieved rapid exponential growth in a short period of time.

She is now coaching high-achieving women who, like her, find themselves trapped in the same pattern of performance and perfectionism.

She has a special ability to meet you where you are, understand what is blocking your success and offering tailored recommendations to help you tap into your multidimensional potential.

Vanessa offers a unique approach that encompasses her decade of experience as a successful entrepreneur and knowledge as a holistic health coach to biohack your life and help you blur the lines of possibilities.

Start dreaming big!


Vanessa will rapidly take you to new heights which might involve letting go of some old ways to embrace a whole new way of living. Get ready!

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“Femme Biohacker is an advanced program for high-achieving women entrepreneurs who are ready to make a real impact in the world, all while being ready to be held accountable for it.”


- Vanessa Grutman

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You are special and you know it.

 Through the 5 pillars of this program, you will learn to break the mold, step out of the auto-pilot, heal limiting beliefs keeping you small and transmute your renewed energy for infinite abundance and possibilities.

Alchemy is a magical process of transformation and creation - that’s exactly the journey you’ll take while learning to become a Femme Biohacker.

It’s time to rethink your metrics of success.


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