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058 - How Detoxing Amplifies Manifestation with Mindy Crawford

Season #2

Welcome back to The Energy Upgrade podcast! This week, I’m having a powerful conversation with the wonderful Mindy Crawford. She recently transitioned from a successful career in digital marketing for Jillian Harris to a fulfilling journey of self-discovery and motherhood. Certified as a Human Design reader, she now focuses on guiding others to unlock their potential and live a life of ease and alignment, leveraging her own transformative experiences and insights.

From liver detox revelations to the enlightening world of Human Design, this episode is packed with insights and inspiring changes.

In this episode, you can expect to hear about:
- Liver Detox and Personal Transformation: Mindy shares her life-changing experience with a liver detox, highlighting the unexpected, profound changes it brought to her life.
- Journey into Motherhood and Self-Discovery: Exploring Mindy’s transition into motherhood and how it propelled her into deep self-exploration and discovery.
- Human Design: Mindy talks about her fascinating journey into Human Design, learning from experts, and how it has reshaped her approach to life and well-being.
- Emotional and Lifestyle Shifts: We discuss the significant emotional and lifestyle shifts Mindy experienced, emphasizing the power of embracing change and listening to one’s body.

Join us on this episode to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. You'll learn how embracing discomfort, exploring new paradigms like Human Design, and making mindful lifestyle changes can lead to incredible personal growth and clarity. Don't miss out on this inspiring story that could help you unlock your true potential and bring more ease and flow into your life!

Episode Highlight:
"I feel like I was in fight or flight mode for so long, going from full on at work to all of a sudden being a new mom and trying to figure it out. That really triggered something in me, and it was the detox that really kind of pulled that out of me."​
- Mindy


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