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057 - Regulate Your Blood Sugar Like a Queen with Kim Desmarais

Season #2

This week on the podcast, we're diving into the world of blood sugar regulation with Holistic Nutritionist Kim Desmarais. We're unpacking everything you need to know to understand and manage your blood sugar effectively.

I have the pleasure to work with Kim in The Energy Upgrade - my health coaching program - where Kim is the Success Coach. She has a passion for teaching women simple (and delicious!) ways to nourish their body so they can regain their energy and thrive. After overcoming her own health crisis, Kim truly believes that food is medicine. Through diet and lifestyle, she has brought her own body back to health, and loves teaching women how to do the same.

You can expect to hear about:
- Introduction to Blood Sugar: Understanding the basics of blood sugar and its impact on our energy levels and overall health.
- Nutritional Strategies: How to regulate blood sugar through diet, focusing on the importance of avoiding refined sugars and grains, and incorporating balanced meals.
- Lifestyle Adjustments: The role of movement, sleep, and stress management in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.
- Personal Empowerment: Emphasizing the power of personal choice and lifestyle changes in preventing and managing diabetes and other blood sugar-related issues.

Join us in this informative episode as we explore how to master your blood sugar and lead a healthier, more energetic life. You'll learn practical tips on nutrition, movement, and stress management, and how these elements interconnect to help you maintain optimal health. Let's dive in, shall we?

Episode Highlight:
"There's nothing worse than stress for your blood sugar. It's like you're stressed about stress. Like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm feeling like this is hurting my health.' What I like to tell people is you cannot change the stress in your life but what we can do is support our resiliency to those stresses. And so, when we don't do these things to support our resiliency, our window of tolerance is really small. So everything can put us on this roller coaster. Whereas if we support that window of tolerance and our resiliency, our body is able to handle and support us through these real stresses that we really cannot change."
- Kim Desmarais




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