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056 - My Thoughts on Botox

Season #2

Welcome back to this week’s episode of the Energy Upgrade!

Today, I’m diving into a very controversial topic. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to go there, but I get so many DMs and questions about it that I think I needed to talk about it on the podcast.

With my background in the skincare industry, I thought I’d share my thoughts and knowledge on the subject with a different approach regarding its impact on the body. The intention of today's episode isn't to cast judgment or foster guilt among those who choose to undergo such procedures or not. You do you!Having been through it myself, my goal is simply to use my experience to shed light on this procedure - and the alternatives.
In this episode, you can expect to hear about:
- My Background in Skincare and What is Botox: I share my journey through the skincare industry and explain what exactly is Botox and how it works in the body.
- The Truth About Botox: The information you won't hear about.
- Why I Stopped Getting Botox: I share the reasons that drove me to ultimately chose to stop using Botox for the past 3 years.
- The Alternatives I Recommend: My positive experiences with skin tightening and aging treatment alternatives, advocating for safe procedures and making informed choices in skincare.

I invite you to listen to this episode with an open mind and curiosity. Whether you're a Botox enthusiast or skeptic, there's something for everyone to learn about making informed choices for our health and embracing natural beauty. Join me as we explore this controversial yet important topic!


Episode Highlight:
"Botox is a neurotoxin. As I started my healing journey and was undergoing detox protocols, it became evident at one point that it wasn't fitting my values anymore. I can't be talking about non-toxic living and be injecting neurotoxins at the same time. That felt out of integrity."
- Vanessa




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Disclaimer: Vanessa Grutman, IHP does not treat, cure or diagnose disease. This show doesn't offer medical advice. Always verify with your physician before undertaking a new protocol or trying a new product.


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