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054 - Productivity Hacks for More Freedom with Dave Ruel

Season #2

Welcome to another episode of the Energy Upgrade! In today's episode, I'm so excited to have a conversation with someone I look up to, a savvy entrepreneur, a master of productivity and a good friend of mine, Dave Ruel.

Dave founded and sold three multi-million dollar online companies in the field of health, fitness, and sports nutrition before the age of 40. He’s an international speaker, best-selling author, and sought-after business coach. Dave's distinctive tools and systems are empowering entrepreneurs worldwide, helping them not just optimize their business game, but showing them how to play to win in both business and life.

In this episode, you can expect to hear about:
- The Power of Productivity: Dave shares his journey from founding multimillion-dollar companies to mastering productivity, providing valuable insights into efficient and effective business and life management.
- The Effic Method: Unpack Dave's revolutionary approach to productivity, the Effic method, and learn how it can transform your personal and professional life by bringing structure and strategic planning to your day-to-day activities.
- Work-Life Harmony: Dave emphasizes the significance of balancing entrepreneurial ambitions with personal life, offering practical advice on structuring your day to maximize productivity without compromising family time.

Tune in to this episode to gain invaluable wisdom and practical tips to elevate your productivity game. Whether you're an entrepreneur or someone looking to streamline your life, this episode is packed with actionable insights that will inspire you to harness the power of productivity and lead a more balanced, fulfilling life.

I hope you like this one!


Episode Highlight:
"Most entrepreneurs go into business for one thing, and that thing is freedom, right? And there are different sides to freedom... But in the process, because we're so attracted to that freedom, we mix up the fact that freedom we think that freedom doesn't require structure"
- Dave Ruel


Find Dave here:
- Website: https://www.daveruel.com/
- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daveruel/
Order your Effic planner here:
- English: https://www.effic.co/planner
- French: https://intentionnel.com/collections/planificateur
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