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042 - Who Are Your Expanders?

Season #2

Welcome back to another episode of the Energy Upgrade! Today, I'm thrilled to share insights from my journey and discuss a concept that has been a game-changer for me and many others: understanding and leveraging your "expanders".

In this episode, you can expect to hear about:
- Redefining Expanders: I explore the misconception that family or long-time friends are automatically the best supporters for our ambitions, and how this can lead to disappointment.
- Intentional Surroundings: I share my personal experience of burnout recovery and the importance of being selective about who influences your energy and mindset.
- The Role of Expanders: Learn how the right people, those a few steps ahead of you, can guide you, save you time, and support your vision and goals.
- Investing in Yourself: I discuss the value of seeking guidance and coaching, and how investing in yourself can accelerate your progress and prevent self-sabotage.

Tune in to this episode to discover how you can identify and connect with the right people who will support and elevate you in whichever journey you are on. Whether you're growing a business, healing, or making lifestyle changes, understanding who your expanders are can make a significant difference. You'll learn how to surround yourself with those who can truly help you level up, celebrate your successes, and maintain momentum through life's ups and downs.

I hope you enjoy!

Episode Highlight:
"Your expanders are the people that are perhaps two, three steps ahead of you. They can hold your hand, show you the pitfalls so you don't fall into them. But most importantly, they can hold the light for you so you know in which direction you're going. You know that your vision is held safely with them. And you know that you will never dream too much when you're sharing with your expanders. "
- Vanessa


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