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025 - A Vulnerable Share of my Burnout Experience

Season #1

Welcome back to a new episode of the Energy Upgrade Podcast! This week, I am coming to you with a very personal and vulnerable subject ; my burnout experience. This episode was a hard one to make, but very necessary in my healing journey and I know it will resonate with a lot of you, high-achieving women. Iā€™m sharing my personal journey of burnout and how I healed and transformed from it as well as how burnout affected my life, leading me to a path of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

Get ready to uncover the power of awareness, reconnect with your true essence, and tap into your divine feminine energy. Join me as we navigate the path towards reclaiming our power and redefining success on our own terms. It's time to embrace the transformation that lies within our darkest moments.

In this episode, you can expect to hear about :

- Recognizing Self-Sabotage: Explore the ways in which we give away our power and sabotage ourselves, leading to burnout and disconnection from our true purpose.
- Slowing Down and Reconnecting: Learn the importance of slowing down, listening to your body, and reconnecting with nature as essential steps towards healing and finding your true essence.
- Radical Responsibility and Self-Reflection: Take ownership of your thoughts, actions, and choices, and rewrite your metrics of success by diving deep into self-reflection and addressing limiting beliefs and wounded parts.
- Embracing Wholeness and Trust: Rediscover your innate wholeness, prioritize self-love and self-care, and learn to trust yourself again, leading to liberation, alignment, and the manifestation of your true power.

Join me as we navigate the path towards reclaiming our power and redefining success on our own terms. It's time to embrace the transformation that lies within our darkest moments. Tune in to hear my personal journey and gain insights that will inspire you to embark on your own path of healing and transformation. Together, let's create a life that's magnetic, vibrant, and true to our authentic selves. It's time to let go of the hustle and step into the power of radical responsibility.


Episode Highlight:

"Now I can say that my burnout was the catalyst to my greatest transformation. It forced me to stop, fall to pieces and rise again to reconnect with my true essence.

Today, I feel lighter than I've ever felt in my life. All those limiting beliefs, all those expectations of others that I had acquired: they don't define who I am anymore. I feel so anchored, so aligned."

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Disclaimer: Vanessa Grutman, IHP does not treat, cure or diagnose disease. This show doesn't offer medical advice. Always verify with your physician before undertaking a new protocol or trying a new product.


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