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022 - Rebirthing That Next Version of You with Katherine Evans

Season #1

I am thrilled to have Katherine Evans, founder of Tallu & Co and wellness advocate, joining us for this episode where she shares her inspiring journey of making a massive shift in her life; transitioning from a corporate career to a more intuitive and wellness-oriented business as well as making congruent changes in her health.

You can expect to hear about :  
- How Katherine discovered the power of essential oils and how they helped her regain control over her emotions and daily life. 

- The importance of finding moments for pause, incorporating rituals and intentions into our routines, and the grounding and mood-enhancing effects of essential oils. 

- The significance of detoxing and reducing toxic load. 

- We highlight the role of mentors, guides, and accountability in Kath's journey and the importance of investing in wellness and personal growth.  

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You can find Katherine Evans here:  
- Website : https://www.tallu.ca/
- Tallu & Co Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/talluco/ 
- Kath's Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/katherinesevans/   


Episode Highlight:  
"When you have your energy back, that's really when you start reaching out for those big dreams and doing the things that you thought weren't available to you, accessible to you, that you weren't worthy of. Now, Kath Evans is a butterfly spreading her wings."


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