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069 - Inner Child Work for Liberation with Janine Deanna

Season #2

This week on The Energy Upgrade, I’m joined by Janine Deanna, a former international wedding photographer turned life coach, who shares her journey from burnout to empowering women through authenticity and aligned living. We explore the crucial role of self-compassion, the impact of societal expectations, and how reconnecting with our core values can radically shift our lives and careers.

In this episode, you can expect to hear about:
- The Importance of Inner Work: How self-reflection and alignment with our inner truths spark profound changes in our lives and businesses.
- Transitioning Identities: How personal challenges and life events prompt us to reassess and realign with our core values.
- Unlocking True Potential: The roles of forgiveness and self-compassion in overcoming perfectionism and embracing our authentic selves.
- Symbolism and Healing: Delving into Janine’s unique experience with an inner child activation and the powerful symbols that aid in healing and growth.

This episode is packed with heartfelt discussions and actionable insights. If you're on a journey toward rediscovering your core self, shifting away from burnout, and breaking free of external expectations, this conversation is made for you. Tune in to learn how embracing your true identity can lead to a fuller, more intentional life and positively impact every venture you undertake.

Let’s explore this path of healing and empowerment together, I hope you’ll enjoy this episode.

Episode Highlight:
"Forgiving ourselves and others is essential for healing. It’s about having compassion and understanding for our journey and using that insight to grow and move forward."
- Janine Deanna

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