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068 - Listening to the Whispers of Your Soul with Courtney Thomas

Season #2

This week, I’m joined by Courtney Thomas also known as the Bodhi Effect online. She is an intuitive mindfulness coach that specializes in guiding individuals back to their highest selves through personalized coaching, transformative workshops, courses, and retreats. In this episode, we delve deep into rediscovering and honoring your soul’s true calling. Amid societal pressures and external expectations, finding that inner voice and heeding its guidance can often seem overwhelming. But today, we address this head-on, sharing personal experiences and transformative insights that invite you to reconnect with your inner wisdom.

In this episode, you can expect to hear about:
- Embracing Intuition: Courtney recounts her transformative journey from corporate chaos to intuitive mindfulness.
- Unconditional vs. Conditional Love: How different forms of love influence our pursuit of dreams and the role this plays in overcoming self-doubt and societal norms.
- The Joy of Simplicity: The importance of returning to basic, soulful practices and the profound peace that comes with simplifying life and trusting your path.
- Acting on Your Soul's Whispers: We highlight the courage it takes to follow the subtle, yet profound, urges that guide you towards a life aligned with your true desires.

Tune into this episode if you’re seeking a sign to pause, listen, and act on the whispers of your soul. Courtney and I share techniques and insights on how you can tune out the noise of expectations and tune into your intuitive guidance. Discover how aligning with your true self not only enhances personal fulfillment but also impacts your community and the world at large.

I hope you’ll enjoy this conversation.

Episode Highlight:
"Intention-setting isn't just about achieving what we want, it's about feeling how we want to feel, independent of external circumstances."
- Courtney Thomas

Find Courtney:
- Website: thebodhieffect.com
- Instagram: @thebodhieffect


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