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066 - Unlocking the Remembrance of the Divine Feminine with Kristen Stuart

Season #2

Welcome to another episode of The Energy Upgrade. Joining me this week is the incredible Kristen Stuart, an activator of divine feminine power, multi dimensional mentor, and transformational channel. Kristen shares her raw and vulnerable battle with self-perception, femininity, and the bullying that disconnected her from her intuitive gifts.

We delve into the tough topics of societal wounds—jealousy, comparison, and our collective struggle as women to support and celebrate one another, often leading us to adopt hardened personas.

In this episode, you can expect to hear about:
- The Illusion of Strength: Kristen shares her personal experiences of burnout and how societal pressures can distort our perception of resilience and self-care.
- Feminine Awakening: We discuss the suppressed potential of feminine energy and the power in embracing softness, surrender, and intuition.
- Healing for Generations: An eye-opening dive into shamanic wisdom, exploring how healing ourselves can impact our ancestral line and future generations.
- Community and Vulnerability: The significance of creating supportive spaces that allow us women to connect genuinely and aid each other's journeys.

Tune into this enlightening episode to learn how dismantling internal barriers can unlock thousands of portals of light within you. Whether you're struggling with self-love, searching for a supportive community, or just need a little reminder to honor your journey, this conversation is for you.

Let's navigate these waves of transformation and light the path for ourselves and others. Join us to find out just how powerful your light can be.

Episode Highlight:
"It didn't feel safe to be feminine, I didn't feel safe with other women, from bullying in school to just being so disconnected and muscling and hardening my way through life until the universe said, no more."
- Kristen Stuart

Find Kristen here:
- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_kristenstuart
- Website: https://www.sacred-femme.com/
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