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065 - Preventative Care Is on You (Not the Healthcare System)

Season #2

Welcome back to a brand new episode of The Energy Upgrade. Today, I'm getting real about a recent personal experience that shook my faith in our healthcare system. I found myself at odds with a doctor who couldn't see the value in preventative care unless the system dictated it was time.

In this episode, I share the struggles and frustrations of trying to be proactive about my health when the system is set up for reaction rather than prevention.

In this episode, you can expect to hear about:
- Healthcare System Limitations: How the healthcare system often fails to support preventative measures and early diagnostics.
- The Importance of Proactive Health Management: The importance of advocating for yourself and why it's crucial to manage your health proactively.
- Finding Alternative Health Solutions: Alternative health solutions like holistic and integrated medicine to maintain and improve your health and longevity and how we can navigate a system that often feels like it's failing us.

It’s an episode full of passion, a bit of frustration, and a lot of heart. If you’ve ever felt sidelined by healthcare protocols that don’t seem to fit your needs, this one’s for you.

I want to make one thing clear here: I so appreciate every health worker. And the truth is, the system is so backward, it's not even their fault. They are so overwhelmed by the amount of people that are sick that they can't even help or even begin to help or contemplate proactive care.

Tune in to empower yourself with the knowledge and courage to take your health into your own hands. Let's break through these barriers together!

I hope you enjoy xx


Episode Highlight:
"Radical responsibility in 2024 for your health is not only a nice to have, it's a must have. You have to take this seriously, because when you look at the state of our healthcare system, it's not going to get any better."
- Vanessa


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