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064 - My Lifelong Dream Made Possible with Phil Page

Season #2

Welcome back to The Energy Upgrade Podcast! Today's episode is a special one as I'm joined by my husband, Phil, who has recently embarked on a new journey with me, leaving behind a 23-year corporate career to explore new horizons and dreams we've harbored together. This episode couldn't be more timely, airing just after the eclipse, symbolizing new beginnings and the courage to embrace change.

In this episode, you can expect to hear about:
- Phil’s decision to leave the corporate world after more than two decades, sharing the thought process behind this significant life change and the allure of working together as a power couple.
- The physical and mental toll of staying in a misaligned career, how Phil’s health signaled the need for change, and the personal growth journey that ensued.
- The importance of aligning work with personal values and aspirations, exploring how our experiences shape our paths and the necessity of listening to our inner voices to find true fulfillment.
- Strategies for transitioning from a stable corporate job to entrepreneurship, including overcoming fear, planning financially, and embracing the unknown with an optimistic mindset.

Join us as we share our experiences, the challenges we've overcome, and the exciting prospects of building a life and business that truly reflect our passions and values. Discover how embracing change and following your heart can lead to a more fulfilling and impactful life. Let's dive in and explore the boundless opportunities that await when we dare to dream big and act courageously.


Episode Highlight:
"Leaving corporate after 23 years was scary, but the scarier thought was looking back in a few years and wondering, 'What if?' So I decided, let's just do it. If not now, then when?"
- Phil


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