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037 - Behind My 6-figure Launch

Season #2

Hi lovely listeners and welcome back to this week’s episode of the Energy Upgrade. This week, I decided to take you behind the scenes of my own business journey.

I recently celebrated the success of my most recent launch, which was a significant milestone for me. It wasn't just about achieving a six-figure launch; it was about the energy, intention, and balance I brought into it.

I discuss the importance of harmonizing our masculine and feminine energies and how this balance played a crucial role in making my launch magnetic. I also delve into the realities of online businesses, emphasizing that it's not just about the top-line revenue but also about profitability and the bottom line. I share insights from my previous business and how the dynamics differ in the online space.

This episode is a reflection of my journey, the lessons I've learned, and my commitment to delivering genuine value to my community. I really hope you will enjoy it.


Episode Highlight:
"I'm celebrating that I have clients that are truly transforming in my containers. I know I have a service that is so unique. The more women that rise in this world, the more our world will be the change that we're looking for."
- Vanessa


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