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035 - 3 ways to become a magnetic leader in your life

Season #2

Hello, beautiful high-achieving women and welcome to another episode of The Energy Upgrade. Today, I’m excited to share the 3 ways to become a magnetic leader in your life. After hosting my Biohacking Mastery event for the very first time and from the comments and the breakthroughs, I realized that the biggest theme that stood out from the topics discussed was the importance of mindset. So I decided to make an episode all about the mindset shifts you can make to become the most badass leader you can be.

In this episode, you can expect to hear about:
- Being Authentic: Stop trying to please everyone. Embrace your uniqueness, speak your truth, and attract your tribe. It's about being genuine and not just always "nice."
- Ditching Perfectionism: Perfectionism can be paralyzing. It's essential to take consistent, imperfect actions rather than waiting for everything to be perfect.
- Acknowledging YOU: Realizing how you are showing up for yourself. It's all about owning our spot, being present, and acknowledging the influence we carry.

I really hope you’ll enjoy and gain a fresh perspective on how to take control, be authentic, and lead with purpose. Remember, you have the power to change, evolve, and thrive. Let's get started!

Episode Highlight:

"You were born worthy. It's a mindset game. Are you self sabotaging? Are you ready to step it up? Stop being nice. Stop trying to please everybody. Speak your truth. Show your colors."



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