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034 - Anchoring Your Leadership Through Energy Sovereignty with Jaclyn Roberston

Season #2

Welcome back my friend to a brand new episode of The Energy Upgrade Podcast. In this episode, I sit down with the inspiring Jaclyn Roberston, the founder of Okanagan Lifestyle Apparel to discuss life, detox experiences, and the power of community. Dive into our conversation and discover the transformative journey Jaclyn embarked upon.


In this episode, you can expect to hear about:
- Okanagan Lifestyle: Jaclyn, the founder of the OKGN Lifestyle, shares her passion for the brand and its impact on the community.
- The Power of Detox: Jaclyn opens up about her recent detox experience, highlighting its intensity and the profound clarity it brought her.
- Listening Generously: Drawing from her personal experiences, especially with her father, Jaclyn emphasizes the importance of listening to our bodies and understanding our capacities.
- Community Impact: We discuss the recent wild fires in the Okanagan and how the community rallied together, with Jaclyn emphasizing the importance of being game-day ready.

Tune in as we delve deep into self-awareness, community support, and the transformative power of detox. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a community leader, or someone seeking personal growth, this episode promises insights and inspiration that will resonate with you.

I hope you enjoy! xo


Episode Highlight:

I believe very wholeheartedly that we go further when we go together and that when we can be interconnected and integrated in our lifestyles and in our health and wellness, it’s very impactful.



Where to find Jaclyn:

- Jaclyn’s Brand: Okanagan Lifestyle: https://www.okanaganlifestyle.ca/
Find Jaclyn on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaclyn_emily/
- Donate to the wildfires:

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