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017 - Could Your Breathing Be the Culprit?

Season #1


When is the last time you took a conscious deep breath? Breathing is a critical function of our health and yet, most of us don't do it well.

In this episode, I discuss the importance of going back to basics and utilizing one of our most powerful body function: breathing. You'll learn:

- The critical functions of the nose

- Signs that you might be mouth breathing

- The health cascade that gets triggered by nose breathing

- Solutions to help improve your breathing:

  • Mouth Taping.
  • Focus on exhale
  • Resonant breathing 
  • Box breathing
  • The power of breathwork sessions

Pick up BREATH by James Nestor if you want to dive deeper into this topic.


If you enjoyed this episode and if it was helpful.


Episode Highlight:

"When you're breathing through the nose, you're boosting your nitric oxide levels by 6x, allowing you to better absorb oxygen. As a result, nose breathing yields 18% better oxygen uptake and trust me, when it comes to energy and vitality, that number matters!".


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