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016 - How Your Limiting Beliefs Might Be Getting in the Way of Your Healing with Danita Harty

Season #1


When trying to heal ourselves, one often overlooked piece is our thoughts. What is our narrative, the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from honouring our true nature?

If you've been feeling stuck despite all your best efforts, perhaps it's time to look under the hood and see what thoughts are hiding in there. And yes, it can get scary under there sometimes!

To discuss and debunk what these limiting beliefs are, I have the pleasure of discussing with psychotherapist Danita Harty. Danita has helped me tremendously in my own healing journey and addressing what I feel was the missing link.

In this episode, Danita and I discuss:

- What are limiting beliefs and how they impact our life by becoming your story;

- How these limiting beliefs can create physical health symptoms;

- How to build awareness around these thoughts so we can set ourselves free;

- What brain tapping and EMDR techniques are and how Danita helped me reprocess my birthing experiences;

- How to address trauma (big and small T trauma) and start reconnecting with our body;

And so much more!


Episode Highlight:

"We need to make the connection between our health and our thoughts. There is an actual physiological response that your body is feeling from the thoughts that you have. -Danita


Find Danita here:

- Website: https://www.gypsyhart.ca/ 

- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gypsy_hart/ 

- Stay tuned for Danita's new podcast launching soon!






Disclaimer: Vanessa Grutman, IHP does not treat, cure or diagnose disease. This show doesn't offer medical advice. Always verify with your physician before undertaking a new protocol or trying a new product.


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