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013 - 4 tips to navigate your wellness journey with kids


You've decided that you were ready to make some changes to your lifestyle but then you wonder: what do I with the rest of my family? Do I bring them onboard with me? Do I do my own thing?

In this episode, I'm sharing how I approach our wellness lifestyle with our kids so that I don't feel like it's a burden but rather, our "modus operandi".

Balance is important as well as honoring everyone's desires on the journey - of course we don't all have the same goals. But I really believe in holding the space. Creating the favourable environment for the seeds to grow.

I share with you 4 tips that will go a long way:

1- Feed their curiosity;

2- Let them try;

3- Empower them through the feeling of choice;

4- Trust the impact of seeing you with energy.

Our family is far from perfect and we're navigating this health journey daily to the best of our ability, but I can assure you that these 4 tips make a big difference.


Episode Highlight:

"Just BE IT. Be the change that you want to be. Embody that version of you. Kids observe. They're curious and they'll make connections."


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Disclaimer: Vanessa Grutman, IHP does not treat, cure or diagnose disease. This show doesn't offer medical advice. Always verify with your physician before undertaking a new protocol or trying a new product. 


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