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010: Your Masculine Energy Got You This Far - Tapping Into Your Feminine is the Next Secret, with Marc Longwith


As I strive to continue becoming the highest version of me, I've lately been reflecting about how I utilize my feminine and masculine energy. The truth is we all hold both and learning when to tap into one or the other is the secret key to overall life optimization, joy and happiness.

In this enlightening conversation with Business Coach Marc Longwith, we dive deep into when being in your masculine energy serves you (likely where you, achieving women, are most of the time) and when to learn to lean into our feminine energy.

Easier said than done! In this episode, you'll learn about:

- How the metric of success is not honoring the feminine energy;

- Are women benefiting from trying to break the glass ceiling?

- What does it look like to be in our masculine and feminine energy and when it is a good idea to be in each of them;

- How do navigate this balance of energy in business (the masculine can only get you so far);

- How to start shifting from doing to being and how routine can support that;

- The power of frequency and how to create from the quantum;

- How to tap into the quantum to magnetize that future version of you;

- How to balance these energies in relationships;

- An outlook on the future and how we can balance all of this.

- Book: Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza


Episode Highlight:

"When I think of the feminine energy, I think of the ability to connect, receive, create, flow and be vulnerable. Think of it this way: men are the riverbanks and women are the river." 


You can find Marc Longwith here:

  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marc_anthony_longwith/
  • Website: https://www.energeticalignmentacademy.com/





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