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008 - Signs you may have parasites

Season #1


I'm freshly back from Costa Rica and decided to line this up with my annual parasite cleanse. Parasites are unwanted organisms that live off of us which is why it's important to be aware of them and get rid of them!


In this episode I'll cover:

- What are parasites and why they need to come out of the body?

- How do we pick-up parasites?

- Signs that you may have parasites, for adults and kids.

- The link between the full moon and parasite activity

- Things you can do if you suspect parasites:

  • This stool test can help you get data.
  • Do a parasite cleanse

- The ingredients to look for in a good parasite cleanse

- The parasite cleanse I recommend over 8 weeks and what to expect:


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 Episode Highlight:

 "If you've been having persistent mysterious health symptoms, you owe it to yourself to investigate the possibility of parasite infection."




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