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006 - 4 morning habits to win your day

Season #1


This is your opportunity to assess your morning routine and the habits you decide on doing daily. Are you doing them meaningfully or are they automated?

Win your morning to win the day. It's about choosing small aligned actions that will compound and create energy for the day ahead.


In this episode, I'll cover the 4 habits I think are worth your time:

1. Water upon waking (also discussed in Episode 005);

2. Gratitude journal and daily objectives to align your thoughts and level up your emotions;

3. Dry brushing and its benefits on the lymphatic system and body inflammation;

4. Meditation and the importance of it for productivity.



- Atomic Habits by James Clear


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 Episode Highlight:

 "If you do your morning right, you'll have more chances of having sustainable energy for the day ahead. There's a reason why we say Win your morning, win you day!"




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