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005 - 5 tips to achieve daily bowel movements

Season #1


Yes, I'm talking about this early on in the season. It is SO critical to healing and having energy. We need to ensure the body's waste is being eliminated daily.

This is your lowest hanging fruit. This is the first place we want to look into to help you reclaim your energy.

In today's episode, I'll cover:

- Our body's drainage pathways and why it absolutely needs constant flow;

- 5 tips to bring flow to our drainage pathways:

1. Water first thing: why it matters in the context of constipation

2. Fixing dehydration: how and when to address it

3. Walking: how it activated the drainage pathways

4. Magnesium: why we're up against depletion from this mineral and supplementation is critical. 

5. Epsom salt baths: how to do it right.

  • Find an unscented formulation with no additives such as this one.
  • I love adding 1 tablespoon of this essential oil infused epsom salt from Tallu&Co to also bring me a sense of calm. Use code VANESSA25 for 25% off.


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 Episode Highlight:

 "Open your drainage pathways, start eliminating waste daily and you'll suddenly find yourself more energized. Flow is life, flow is energy."




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