A Life Closer to Nature


Ever wondered what it would be like to center your life around you, your lifestyle and your wellbeing?

Maybe you don't need to drive to the office anymore? Maybe you are craving space to roam? 

Since moving closer to nature I feel more grounded, more connected to my family, my community, myself and nature. 

Living surrounded by nature has been life-changing and inspiring. I'm so excited about it - I just can't keep it to myself!!!

Are you dreaming of it too?

Let me help and guide you through this journey of discovery.

🌿 Call to Nature is an online course that I've designed for those curious about a life closer to nature and what it could look like.

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Start with Call to Nature ~ The Workshop // Launching February 15, 2021

This mini course is for those curious to explore what life closer to nature could look like.

I've wondered and contemplated a lot before leaving the city. This workshop will help you set a solid foundation - regardless of whether you make a move or not.

By the end of it, you'll know better if this life is for you.

Clarity is GOLD ✨


This workshop includes 5 lessons designed to get clarity on what this way of living looks like and assess if it's for you.

1- An Introduction to Nature Living

2- The Unsuspected Health Benefits of Nature Exposure

3- A Reflection on Your Life Priorities

4- A Conversation Around Fears

5- Pulling Your Vision Together

I guide you through these video lessons and share pearls from my journey.

You'll find worksheets to deepen the work as well as interviews with experts to offer supportive point of views.

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“Starting the journey of nature living with Vanessa is like diving directly in your body and soul to reconnect with Nature. The useful content, interviews, practical advices, and resources accompanied and supported my reflection and my call to action towards this dream."

- Brigitte

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