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November 11-14, 2023

We keep going! A free event to Become the Leader of Your Energy

Are you tired of being tired?

It’s time to take your energy and your health seriously. It’s time to be YOU again. Days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years. Enough time has been wasted where you aren’t feeling like yourself.

You are ready.

Take control back: reconnect with your body and be the master of your energy.

Biohack Your Energy is a free 5-day event designed to help ambitious women entrepreneurs reignite the fire within.

You will be led on this exciting journey by Vanessa Grutman, Master Biohacker & Successful Entrepreneur.

Vanessa is revolutionizing the world of biohacking with her cutting edge approach to healing and energy creation, specifically designed for high-achieving women.

You will be invited to reconnect with your true essence and discover the secrets behind building true long-lasting energy.

I want my energy back.

Your energy
is your lifeforce. 

It’s your inner fuel that helps you magnetize your dreams with flow and ease. But without it, everything becomes harder, everything feels flat.

Your leadership is lost, your days feel unproductive and you’re uncomfortable in your body.

You have become a shell of a body and you know that slowly, you are losing yourself. 

If you are being honest with yourself, you don’t like how you’re aging. 

You know deep down that there is so much more for you in this lifetime. 

Become the leader of your energy, of your life.


5 daily powerful masterclasses
that will transform the way you think about your energy.


Embrace a renewed mindset that has the power of turning you into a magnetic bomb of energy and vitality!

November 6 - 10, 2023
  Here's a glance at what you can expect to learn:

Masterclass #1

Monday November 6, 2023
9am PST / 12pm EST

The Single Biohacking Secret That Changes Everything

Masterclass #2

Tuesday November 7, 2023
9am PST / 12pm EST

The 5 Lifestyle Habits That Are Hindering You and That Need to Stop Today

Masterclass #3

Wednesday November 8, 2023
9am PST / 12pm EST

3 Ways to Reclaim Your Leadership for Your Energy, Body and Health

Masterclass #4

Thursday November 9, 2023
9am PST / 12pm EST

Habit Stacking or How to Become A Biohacker

Masterclass #5

Friday November 10, 2023
9am PST / 12pm EST

8 Secrets of Energetic and Magnetic Women Leaders


These free masterclasses will be held daily on Zoom and streamed live in my private Facebook Group at 9am PST (12pm EST).

Blast the November gloom!



This high-frequency event is not to be missed if you are:

  • A successful woman entrepreneur recently lacking energy and feeling overwhelmed;
  • A high-achieving woman who’s always been living a high-pace life and currently being slowed down by a general fatigue and lack of motivation;
  • A trailblazer who always has the best ideas to stand-out but lately you’re finding yourself lacking inspiration, innovation and creativity to continue your growth and expansion;
  • A woman leader with one toe (or both feet) into burn out and you are ready to break free;
  • A woman who feels disconnected from her true self and feels lost on where to make adjustments;
  • A woman ready to take radical responsibility for your health, life and business success.

If you recognize yourself here, this event will provide impactful insights to help you put your finger on what needs to change!

In the realm of entrepreneurship and in today’s competitive market, your magnetic presence defines your success.

It’s time to become a biohacker and incarnate your higher potential.

Vanessa Grutman, Master Biohacker & Successful Entrepreneur will lead you through this exclusive event.

Vanessa is a Certified Health Coach, Integrated Health Practitioner, Kinesiologist and seasoned entrepreneur dedicated to supporting women in reclaiming their energy and reconnecting with their true innate power for infinite abundance.

While always being passionate for health, she spent the last decade building a successful 7-figure business in the skin health industry. She sold and exited this business earlier in 2023 with lots of wisdom that she’s now excited to share.

She walked through her first experience in entrepreneurship deeply rooted in her masculine energy, fueled by wanting to be busy, hitting big goals and crushing her daily to-do list. It definitely worked, until it didn’t.

While building this business, she also birthed 2 babies and found herself completely burnt out from this pace of life that completely disconnected her from her body and essence. 

Rebuilding herself back up required a lot of inner work, shedding of limiting beliefs, detoxification protocols and energy realignment.

She decided to go back to her passion for health and wellness and got certified as a health coach, primarily with the intention to heal herself.

Through vulnerability and dedication, utilizing the latest and greatest biohacking innovations, she was able to transcend her masculine operating system to finally reconnect with her divine feminine lifeforce energy to level up her magnetism and leadership.

It’s with this energy that she is leading this newest enterprise which has already achieved rapid exponential growth in a short period of time.

She is now coaching high-achieving women who, like her, find themselves trapped in the same pattern of performance and perfectionism.

She has a special ability to meet you where you are, understand what is blocking your success and offering tailored recommendations to help you tap into your multidimensional potential.

Vanessa offers a unique approach that encompasses her decade of experience as a successful entrepreneur and knowledge as a holistic health coach to biohack your life and help you blur the lines of possibilities.

Start dreaming big!

Step into a new way of thinking and revolutionize your life, energy and business!

I’m so ready to reconnect with my energy.

November 6-10, 2023