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Join the 3-day Bootcamp for $37

Are you ready to reset your energy and start 2023 with vitality?

If you’re currently feeling tired of being tired, I will be sharing with you practical solutions to turn things around so that you can reclaim your lifeforce and start magnetizing your dreams.


Join my 3-day virtual bootcamp from January 10 to 12, 2023


The Energy RESET Bootcamp


3 days of focused health coaching with Vanessa Grutman, Integrated Health Practitioner who will show you how to start reclaiming your energy for 2023.

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I'm going to assume you’ve tried everything but nothing has moved the needle.

More than ever, you need your energy to achieve your dreams and be more resilient to stress that comes your way, yet you’re stuck in a loop where coffee is the only thing you’ve got.

  • You’ve tried all the things to get you unstuck but nothing seems to be giving you this lifeforce energy you’re seeking,
  • You’ve lost confidence in yourself and are starting to think that it must be what aging feels like,
  • You’re overwhelmed and unsure where to begin,
  • You feel alone in this journey and wish someone could just tell you what to do.

I know because I’ve been there.

From burnt out to healed and vibrant 

Hi, I’m Vanessa, Kinesiologist and Certified Integrated Health Practitioner, am passionate about helping woman heal from within and unlock their true potential.

Over the past decade, I co-founded a successful network of medical aesthetic clinics.

As the high-achiever that I am, I completely depleted myself in the process. I had 2 babies along the way and worked countless hours, always putting myself last.

Until one day, I couldn’t get out of bed. I was so tired.

Then I got tired of being tired. 

What did I do for it to change?

I sold the business, scaled back and decided to heal myself to reclaim my energy.

Now I coach women who just like me, have been chasing big dreams but perhaps forgot themselves in the process.

I teach woman how to properly feed and move their body, how to truly rest their nervous system, how to detoxify their body from toxins, parasites, heavy metals and how to detoxify their environment so they can finally heal.

These women, like you, have big aspirations for their lives. Without energy, the road is long and difficult. When we realign ourselves, heal at a deeper level, everything gets easier.

That’s what I will teach you in this 3-day bootcamp!

I want this transformation

It's time to take your health seriously.

Currently, you’re done with:

  • Going through your day from coffee to coffee to only find yourself more anxious;
  • Feeling like you operate on auto-pilot, wishing afternoon naps were mandatory;
  • Always putting yourself last. You know deep down you can’t continue at this pace.

You finally want...

  • A life where you can show up as the best version of yourself with confidence and vitality.
  • A life where you can be the mom, the partner, the friend and the colleague that inspires and leads by example.

If that’s you, well this 3-day Bootcamp is right up your alley.

This virtual training will offer, over 3 consecutive days, the keys to accessing that lifeforce energy you’ve been after.

 Learn how to access a renewed energy now so you can unlock your vitality and start the year with clarity and power.

I sign up for the bootcamp

You are closer than you think.

I believe there's a reason why you landed on this page. If you're here today, it's because deep down, you are craving more for your life. You're not afraid of putting in the work, you just need the guidance and steps to get there.

By the end of those 3 days together (well, 4 if you joing the pre-party!), you will be clear on the next steps you need to start healing and tap into new sources of energy.

If you're thinking:

  • I'm done with playing small.
  • I'm ready to show up for myself.
  • I want to embody the best vibrant version of myself, everyday.
  • I want to have the energy required to chase my wildest dreams.

This bootcamp is for you!

Let's go, I'm doing this!

Here are the 3 health pillars we will cover daily to help you tap into your energy quickly.

BONUS: I'll even host a 4th day of coaching (let's call it a pre-party!)


Tuesday January 10th 2023 @9am PST/12pm EST

Hippocrates said it: Food is medicine. Unfortunately, in the last century we’ve lost touch with that wisdom. With the advancement of technology and depletion of our soils, food has actually been the main culprit of “dis-ease” and lack of energy.

  • Learn the foundation of healthy eating and discover which foods to embrace and which ones to start avoiding now.
  • Build healthy meals that will get you closer to your weight goals following your new meal planning and shopping list guide.


Wednesday January 11th 2023 @9am PST/12pm EST

It’s no secret; we live incredibly stressful lives and to keep up, we most learn to unwind effectively. A critical part in reclaiming your energy is actually to not allow it to be rubbed away: here you will learn to become more resilient to stress in order to protect your vitality.

  • Learn ways to get off of the constant fight/flight mode and reduce ongoing anxiety.
  • Discover the 5 keys to achieving restorative sleep to helps you heal and repair.
  • Learn how to move your body in a way that doesn’t add more stress.


Thursday January 12th 2023 @9am PST/12pm EST

Our bodies are now exposed to more than 144,000 man-made chemicals leaving no chance for our liver and body to keep up. Eliminating toxins and support our liver has become a critical way to re-access new levels of energy.

  • Learn how to open your drainage pathways to ensure your body is able to eliminate waste properly.
  • Discover the wisdom behind liver detoxification and how to support it on a daily basis.
  • Learn the main places where toxins hide and how to reduce their impact on your life.

BONUS COACHING: 30-minute pre-party! HYDRATION 101

Monday January 9th 2023 @9am PST/12pm EST

Before even beginning to dive into the key elements of energy production, we’ll set the record straight and ensure you’re hydrating yourself like a pro (hint: if you’re currently drinking tap water, you won’t want to miss this).

Dehydration is the #1 cause of low energy so we’ll get that one out the way.

  • Learn how to properly hydrate yourself (yes, it’s more complicated than you might think) – a catalyst in energy creation.
The bootcamp will be delivered via 3 live virtual sessions of coaching, on January 10 to 12 via a private online group. You will have access to live sessions as well as replays in case you can’t join us live.

Everyday we will meet LIVE in the member-only online group to help you work on the energy essentials that you will learn about. I will be presenting the 3 key pillars that, time after time, create rapid transformation with my clients.

BONUS! I will even be hosting a pre-party on the Monday for those wanting to get going sooner!

No more wasted time, you’re taking the highway from here.

But that’s not all!

When you sign up for the bootcamp, you will also access these tools to speed up your success towards reclaiming your energy.

BONUS #1: Meal Planning + Shopping Guide

Take the guessing out of it.

This guide will help you implement the learnings of day 1 and ensure that you stay on track.

The first page outlines exactly how to build each meals to access energy from food and achieve your weight goals (whether you want to lose, gain or maintain your weight).

The second page give you a shopping guide that will prove itself really handy when you grocery shop next!

BONUS #2: The Energy Tracker

Your day goes by fast, often without paying attention to YOU.

This tool, delivered in the form of a checklist, will help you analyze daily, how your energy is evolving during the day and remind you of the critical steps you should include.

It covers your morning, mid-day and evening routine. This will be helpful during the bootcamp and beyond to stay aware of your actions and how they impact your body.

Bonus #3: Morning Booster Smoothie Guide

Set your day up for success by starting your mornings  strong. 

This guide will detail exactly how to build a satiating and nourishing smoothie that will support you fully until lunch. It includes a few recipes for additional inspiration!

BONUS #4: Self-Care Rituals Toolbox

You will learn the importance of rest and tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system during the bootcamp.

This toolbox will outline all the self-care rituals you can pick and choose to include in your daily routine to speed up relaxation and healing. It will soon become your favorite checklist.


Here’s what you will get access to:

  • 3 live bootcamp sessions from Tuesday January 10 to Thursday January 12
  • Access to pre-party live session on Monday January 9th
  • Replays of all sessions you weren’t able to catch live
  • Private online group of like-minded women who, just like you, are high-achievers in search of more energy
  • Bonus #1: Meal Planning + Shopping Guide
  • Bonus #2: The Energy Biotracker
  • Bonus #3: Smoothie Guide
  • Bonus #4: Self-Care Rituals Toolbox


Eliminate confusion, take clear actions and finally get your energy back.

Normally $497

…for only $37 CAD.




If you feel like you haven't received the value of the workshop back after day 1, I'll give you your money back.

All you have to do is email me before day 2 begins. 

No brainer, right?

Excellent, I'm in!

You wonder if it will work?

Here's what others have to say after working with me:

"Vanessa is a wealth of knowledge and wellness hacks. Since working with her as my coach, I’ve realized abundant energy, stronger workouts, increased productivity and a generally more peaceful, positive state of being. Thank you, Vanessa for sharing your gifts! "

Christine P.

"For many years, I tried to resolve my health issues mainly through nutrition. One day, Vanessa crossed my path like pure magic. She made me realize that when it comes to health, there are many different avenues to consider. She suggested different tools that I am now using in my daily routine, and my life has changed instantly. Her knowledge is helping me to reconnect with myself, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally."

Jessica L.

You have questions: I have answers


Make 2023 your year with energy and vitality.

The Energy RESET Bootcamp

$37 CAD

1 payment includes:

  • 3 live bootcamp sessions from Tuesday January 10 to Thursday January 12
  • Access to pre-party live session on Monday January 9th
  • Replays of all sessions you weren’t able to catch live
  • Private online group of like-minded women who, just like you, are high-achievers in search of more energy
  • Bonus #1: Meal Planning + Shopping Guide
  • Bonus #2: The Energy Biotracker
  • Bonus #3: Smoothie Guide
  • Bonus #4: Self-Care Rituals Toolbox


The truth is there will never be a perfect time to start taking control back of your health.

That's because the time is now.

Imagine all the things you'll accomplish with more energy, more brain clarity, less digestive disturbance and better sleep.

I mean, sky is the limit!!!

The first step is to have the courage to say YES to YOU.

In 2023, you're no longer playing small.

Join me on this transformative journey.

It's time I say yes to me!

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