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3 FREE Masterclasses for anyone ready to embody a lighter and brighter version of themselves!

Stand tall, be confident and attract like never before.


May 29 to 31, 2023

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Embrace the SUMMER QUEEN spirit.

Shed extra pounds from winter, simplify lifestyles, and make space for abundant energy and possibilities.



  • Choosing the perfect summer dress, feeling proud and confident.
  • Tapping into potent energy to make the most of the summer.
  • Dissolving layers that no longer serve and starting to attract abundance in all aspects of life.
  • Believing that energy and vitality are within reach.


All this is possible with small but impactful changes in lifestyle.

It’s time to let that version SHINE.


Join my 3-day series of FREE Masterclasses

designed to help dissolve what needs to go and make space for what is coming next!

Vanessa, also known as the ENERGY QUEEN, leads this path of transformation.


Hi, I’m Vanessa!

From burnt out to vibrant and abundant

Hi, I’m Vanessa, Kinesiologist and Certified Integrated Health Practitioner, passionate about helping women heal from within and unlock their true potential.

Over the past decade, I co-founded a successful 7-figure network of medical aesthetic clinics. I learned the ropes of entrepreneurship, financial and business health.

As the high-achiever that I am, I completely depleted myself in the process. I had 2 babies along the way and worked countless hours, always putting myself last.

Until one day, I couldn’t get out of bed. I was so tired.

Then I got tired of being tired.


What did I do for it to change?

I sold the business, scaled back and decided to heal myself to reclaim my energy.

Now I coach women who, just like me, have been chasing big dreams but perhaps forgot themselves in the process.

These women have big aspirations for their lives. Without energy, the road is long and difficult. When we realign ourselves, heal at a deeper level, everything gets easier.

I’m now fully dedicated to helping women embody health in all spheres of their life; from body, mindset, detox, relationship to lifestyle and business health.

“I believe it’s all interconnected; when health and energy finally flows back, abundance in all spheres of your life will naturally do too.”

- Vanessa

3 powerful days of masterclasses to unleash the SUMMER QUEEN within.

This event offers:

  • True coaching with practical tips for immediate implementation;
  • A chance to reassess lifestyles and identify what needs to be dissolved;
  • An uplifted mindset that provides the energy to attract awaited possibilities.


Join this vortex of powerful people for a week of high-energy teachings!

And it’s free!




Hosted virtually daily from 9-10am PST (12-1pm EST)


Day 1 Masterclass:

Learn to detox body, mind, and environment from winter to shed what doesn't serve anymore.

Day 2 Masterclass:

Simplify lifestyles to make space for summer energy; focus on the essentials.

Day 3 Masterclass:

Learn to rest the nervous system to manifest like a queen.


PLUS! A special giveaway awaits ALL live participants!


What others have to say 


Vanessa helped me GET MY ENERGY BACK. I can write a novel on the ways the information Vanessa has shared with me elevated my existence (No joke!)


From detoxing to listening to her podcast to following healthy tips to feel better, all I can say is “ I wish everyone would listen to her”.

Her guidance has made a tremendous difference in my life. If you want to live life with energy and power, just listen to her wisdom: it will make a difference in your life!


Vanessa really practices everything she preaches. She is such a beautiful human and helps so many people with her incredible story and experiences.









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