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I help high-achieving women reclaim their energy so they can magnetize their wildest desires.

Because you don't have time for that afternoon nap, you have big dreams to chase. Let's get you back on track, shall we?

Are you tired of being tired?

Truly tapping back into your energy requires healing (and guess what, your body is craving it).

I went from burned out, tired, wired and overwhelmed to having access to an abundant source of energy.

Being bloated and going through your day from coffee to coffee is no fun (and not sustainable).

It's time to break the cycle, peel back the layers and heal the root cause of your symptoms.

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See what happens when high-achieving women say YES to themselves

Vanessa has transformed my life (not kidding!). After 2 years of running in circle, my creativity and lifeforce is finally back, thank you!



*Catch this video testimonial with Karla and Vanessa

Vanessa is a wealth of knowledge and wellness hacks. Since working with her as my coach, I’ve realized abundant energy, stronger workouts, increased productivity and a generally more peaceful, positive state of being. Thank you, Vanessa for sharing your gifts! 


For many years, I tried to resolve my health issues mainly through nutrition. And one day, Vanessa crossed my path like pure magic. She made me realize that when it comes to health, there is so many different avenues to consider. She suggested different tools that I am now using in my daily routine, and my life has changed instantly. Her knowledge is helping me to reconnect with myself, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.


I went from exhausted and foggy to clear-headed and vibrant


Over the past decade, I built a successful business, had 2 babies, 2 massive moves and burnt myself out in the process.

I went from hyper-productive and motivated to not being able to get out of bed.

Today, I have more energy then ever. I feel the abundance of energy and creativity that lights me up every day so I can magnetize my wildest dreams.

I'm not bogged down by digestive issues, I've learned how to support my body and have mastered how to handle any stress that comes my way.

I now have coffee as a treat and my life doesn't depend on it anymore.

I know that's what you want too.

But how?

The true way to finding your energy back is to heal your body by addressing the root cause of your symptoms.

That's what I'm here to help you do. 

You're so ready, let's chat!

Hi, I'm Vanessa 

I'm a Kinesiologist by trade, Certified Integrated Health Practitioner, wife and mom of 2 on a mission to help high-performing women - like me -heal themselves and thrive.

Because when you have energy, you can make anything happen.

You can become that confident women that lights up a room.

You can be that inspiring leader that honors her boundaries.

You can be that badass women that is a HELL YES for whatever makes you vibrate.

When you can tap into an infinite amount of energy and abundance, life actually becomes easier.

When you heal at a deeper level, the world opens up.

You no longer get distracted.

Your vision gets clear.

And there's no more playing small from that moment on.


Seeing women transform into the best version of themselves lights me up.

We achieve this by detoxing their body, healing deeply rooted digestive issues, restoring hormone balance, cleaning up their lifestyle.

We accelerate results by supporting their bodies (hint: often less is more).

We remove the clutter.

We clean house.

And I'm here, right by your side, for all of it.

You're speaking my language, let's talk!
You are your best investment

You actually can feel better as you age. Don't settle for less.


Your Time Is NOW

It's time to re-prioritize yourself.

It's time to do the work and heal deeply.

You are a high-achieving woman. Imagine what you could accomplish with energy and vitality.

The world needs you.

Let's do this.

Help me reclaim my energy!