Call to Nature

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Are you dreaming of a life closer to nature?

Join me in making your desire to follow your call to nature possible.


Call to Nature is a comprehensive 6-module online course divided in 2 parts designed to help individuals wishing to move closer to nature evaluate the viability of their dream and guide them through making it a reality.


I've packed everything I have learned from my last 2 major relocations in order to guide you towards making this dream possible.

I so wished something like this would have been available when we did it. Leaving the city to find roots closer to nature is not a small undertaking. There are many moving parts to manage.

I've rounded up pearls from my journey and sharing all you need to know.

Get ready to ELEVATE your life and center it around YOUR lifestyle and wellbeing. 

I'm so excited for you!

Join the Movement.

The pandemic and technology has accelerated this desire for individuals to centre their life around their own lifestyle and wellbeing. I'm here to guide you through that process.

“While local buyers have moved away from cities and closer to nature, 54% of realtors in Canadian are seeing a significant increase in buyers looking to work remotely at a cottage as a primary residence.”
-CBC, Nov 30, 2020


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Meet your Instructor

Hi, I’m Vanessa!

Entrepreneur and passionate about health and living our best life.

In the past 10 years, I've done 2 major relocations; one across the country and more recently, escaping the city to get closer to nature with my young family.

It's been life-changing but it wasn't a walk in the park getting here.

This online course is the guide I wish existed when I relocated.

I know how it feels; the fears, the emotions, the doubt, the overwhelming number of things to consider...I really wish I could have been guided along the way.

That's why I have built Call to Nature.

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What you will find in each module

  • Pearls from my journey and pitfalls to avoid;
  • Interviews with experts offering wisdom and powerful considerations;
  • Real success stories from people who made it happen in different ways;
  • Virtual community of people going through this simultaneously so you don't have to do it alone;
  • Checklists, work back schedules, quizzes, journaling exercises and more
All to help pave the way to a successful relocation.  

Meet the collaborating experts

Because it takes a village and different perspectives.

Dr. Lauren Bramley

MD with focus on Functional Medicine + Master's in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

The benefits of nature living on the entire family's health + the case of Vitamin D

Valerie Adamson

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Recognizing and overcoming fears to move forward in the manifestation of your dream.

Allison Green

Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Youth Specialty

The impact of nature exposure on kids + change management and empowerment during a relocation

Mike Desjardins

CEO, Business Owner, Executive Leadership 

How to approach your employer and build a business case supporting remote work.

Richard Deacon

Real Estate Advisor + Entrepreneur

What to consider when planning a successful real estate sell in the city + purchase closer to nature. Richard and his family did this move a few years ago.


Jen Murtagh

Executive Coach 

How to take tiny steps of bravery, lean into discomfort and overcome fear to design a life you love.

More experts are being added


"The fact that Vanessa and her family were able to do it and be so happy in their new lifestyle really inspired us to take action. We've bought our new house and will be living closer to nature soon. We're excited."

- Alexandra

Featuring Real Success Stories

Spark your imagination and get creative on the ways you can make this dream happen for you! These stories will show you it's possible for you too.

Eric Waterman

For the past 14 years, Eric has been embracing a mixed living between his downtown Montréal, QC small pied-a-terre and his upgraded cabin close to the resort town of Mont-Tremblant, Québec. He shares his pearls on that lifestyle.

Sylviane Dutrisac

She maneuvered a complete 180-degree shift with her young family: leaving her Vancouver, BC apartment to find roots on a 27-acre property and keeping her employment making it 100% remote. Her dream of offering an organic market garden to her community is now possible. Ontario, Canada.

Rachel Varga, RN

Rachel recently managed to find her dream nature property only 10 minutes away from Victoria, BC Canada. She can continue to see her beautiful skin patients while reaping the health benefits from daily nature exposure. Rachel pushes it further with her wilderness adventures where we discuss safety and respect of nature.

3 simple ways to take Call to Nature

CALL TO NATURE: Immersive Experience

For those wishing to go from dream to reality.

  • Module 1: Getting Clear on Your WHY

  • Module 2: The WHERE

  • Module 3: Defining the HOW

  • Module 4: Considering Real Estate

  • Module 5: Diving in the Logistics

  • Module 6: Arriving and Lifestyle Transition

  • + Weekly Live Calls with Vanessa

  • + Call to Nature worksheet book

  • + 1 x 60min Individual Call with Vanessa

Or take only the part that is relevant to your situation!

PART I: Evaluating if the Dream Is Viable

for those contemplating the idea and needing support in the decision-making process.

  • Module 1: Getting Clear on Your WHY
  • Module 2: The WHERE

  • Module 3: Defining the HOW

  • + Weekly Live Calls with Vanessa

PART II: Making the Dream Happen

for those already clear and wishing to be supported in taking targeted actions from the real estate transactions onwards.

  • Module 1: Considering Real Estate

  • Module 2: Diving in the Logistics
  • Module 3: Arriving and Lifestyle Transition
  • + Weekly Live Calls with Vanessa

“Starting the journey of nature living with Vanessa is like diving directly in your body and soul to reconnect with Nature. The useful content, interviews, practical advices, and resources accompanied and supported my reflection and my call to action towards this dream."

- Brigitte

Is Call to Nature right for me?

Call to Nature is for you if:


✔️ You're dreaming of a more grounded life in nature and you're ready to be inspired to take the next right step.

✔️ You are ready to ELEVATE your life and center it around your lifestyle + wellbeing.

✔️ You think outside the box and are with not following the conventional paths.

✔️ You have a young family (or family on the mind) and you want to set the stage for a life where everyone thrives.

✔️ You dream of being able to hike or go for a paddle during your lunch break.

✔️ You don’t know where to start and need guidance and checklists to keep you on track.

✔️ You want your money to go farther and stop being mortgage poor.

✔️ You want to do the work and do it right to ensure you will LOVE your new lifestyle and never look back.

✔️ You like calculated risks: you’re curious to do the exercise, consider all aspects and then make an informed decision. 

✔️ You have been keeping this project for a retirement plan but are ready to consider making it happen sooner.

✔️ You are willing to uproot and can see the unlimited benefits this new lifestyle will bring you.

✔️ You already live outside of the city but you haven’t optimized this lifestyle yet.

✔️ You’re inspired to take small inspired actions.

Call to Nature is NOT for you if:

❌ You are tied to the city for logistical reasons (custody of kids, work requiring your full-time presence, etc.).

❌ You’re already in nature and taking advantage of all it has to offer (yay!!).

❌ You don’t like risk.

❌ You aren’t willing to commit to putting the work and ask yourself difficult questions.

❌ You don’t like change.

❌ You’re happy with your current life.

❌ You can't see yourself not being in the city daily.

YES! I need this to get going!

Put my name down on the waiting list.

"I am learning a lot and really appreciate this course! It's helpful to hear expert's opinions and find new key factors I previously did not consider for our move." 

- Brittany